Activcore is reinventing physical therapy and performance into something truly exceptional.

We believe that moving your best is the foundation of being active for life. As a team of movement experts, it’s our job to help people move safer, smarter, and stronger. Through that work, our physical therapists and performance coaches help people become active for life and realize their best physical selves. Nothing is more important to us than delivering exceptional outcomes.

Here's how Activcore is different

The Activcore Story

The principles that guide our work have been in place since the very beginning.

The commitment to help people be active for life lives in every member of today’s Activcore team. But its origins can be traced to the early life stories of our company’s founders, Ian Kornbluth and Tyler Joyce. Their experiences have led us to three important ideals.

A pioneering spirit

Our founders believed that physical therapy could be delivered in a new and better way. So they created a new model based on dedicated individual attention.

The courage to be exceptional

Since day one, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the best service possible to our clients. Not only does that result in a better experience—it drives superior outcomes in the process.

The dedication to serve

We operate under a clear mission: dedicated our lives to improving yours. Nothing is more important than helping our clients achieve their goals and become their best physical selves.

Our Leadership Team

Jac Leonardi headshot

Jacopo Leonardi

Chairman & CEO

Ian Kornbluth headshot

Ian Kornbluth

Co-Founder, EVP, and Physical Therapist

Tyler Joyce headshot

Tyler Joyce

Co-Founder, EVP, and Physical Therapist

Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce

Chief of Staff & Human Resources

RJ Donnelly

RJ Donnelly

VP, Business Development

Hayley Conboy

Hayley Conboy

Director of Training & Development

Diane Santarpia headshot

Diane Santarpia

Director of Billing

Danielle Reid B&W Photo

Danielle Reid

Center Director / Vice President, Southeast Region