Beth Kemper

A physical therapist who specializes in all-things-pelvic

Beth Kemper is a physical therapist and double board certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) and Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC). She has more than 20 years of experience in the study and practice of pelvic health.

Beth works as the Lead Physical Therapist at Activcore in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University. She also serves as Activcore's National Director of Pelvic Health.

With an extensive clinical background and education, Beth is uniquely qualified to handle more complex conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction, including bowel, bladder and sexual health problems. She holds a double Bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry from Meredith College, as well as a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Emory University, ranked among the top 10 PT schools in the country. She also has advanced post-graduate training in manual therapeutic interventions and pelvic rehabilitation for all genders and throughout the lifespan.

Beth is the founding physical therapist member of Emory Hospital's Pelvic Multidisciplinary Team. She also co-founded a PT clinic in her hometown of Asheville, NC before returning to settle in Decatur, GA. She is a mother, dancer, hiker, wife, friend, runner and physical therapist, passionate about pelvic therapy.

Beth goes beyond the pelvic floor and looks at the whole body to help you recover from pain and injury, and safely return to a fulfilling life of sport, activity and wellness. She is among less than 1% of all physical therapists across the United States who possess dual board certification as both a Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) and a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC) for all genders. These designations make her exceptionally equipped to treat you from head to toe. Additionally, she is recognized nationally as a leading authority in the application of Redcord, a suspension exercise system designed to help you develop a smarter, balanced body through the power of neuromuscular activation.

Beth focuses on instilling hope, compassion, results and resources for all genders across their lifespan. Her primary areas of expertise include treatment of pelvic pain, prolapse, urinary/bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and/or abdominal issues. Addressing each condition involves combining all parts of her background and training — orthopedic, neurological, visceral and musculoskeletal elements — with the patient-specific goals in focus. 

Beth's treatment approach is eclectic, since not all people respond the same way to similar treatments. She applies multiple forms of therapy including use of the Redcord suspension system to deliver neuromuscular activation.

Besides working at Activcore, Beth also contributes her time and expertise to the following professional organizations:

  • International Pelvic Pain Society
  • American Physical Therapy Association - Academy of Pelvic Health 
  • National Vulvodynia Association
  • Interstitial Cystitis Association
  • International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • American Urogynecologic Association
  • American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
  • International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health
  • World Confederation for Physical Therapy


PT (Physical Therapist)

MPT (Masters of Physical Therapist)

WCS (Women's Health Clinical Specialist) Board Certified

PRPC (Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certification) Board Certified

SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) Level 1 Certified

BCB-PMD (Board Certified Biofeedback - Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction)



Client reviews

Beth Kemper is an incredibly skilled and sensitive Physical Therapist and Pelvic Floor Specialist. She listens to my goals and helps me tune in with my body in a very focused way, so that I can learn from the knowledge that is already stored there. She then partners with my body to move forward toward a more active, balanced and healthy life. She is the most individualized, intuitive and skilled PT I have ever worked with. She is very present with me during our sessions which is important in such close and intimate work. She asks such great questions, and that increases my awareness of my body's needs not only during the sessions, but as I move through the world.

 Susan A.


Before even meeting with Beth, I began hearing positive words about her work from other people in my community. At my first visit, I immediately felt safe and optimistic, even though I saw a long road ahead. I had been dealing with many of these symptoms since birthing my first child 9 years previously, and the symptoms had been getting progressively worse. Beth’s kind, professional demeanor put me at ease.

Ultimately, it comes down to results. And as magical as it all seemed, the results were very real. Real and lasting. By the time my 6-8 sessions were over, my bladder urgency/frequency was a thing of the past. So were many of my other issues. Now, a year later, the results have remained.



Beth Kemper has been a godsend for me. When I first called, she responded quickly and with much compassion and understanding. She is professional, gentle and very good at what she does. I have been making slow, steady progress and have much faith that I will continue to improve. I completely trust Beth and wouldn't hesitate for a moment to refer anyone to her.

Nancy L.


Beth was able to fix the core of these problems I’ve had for decades — I never knew there was a way to correct what seemed to be “getting up there in age” issues with pain and physical activity. It really changed my life!



In this day of specialties and specialists, I didn’t expect Activcore to consider the way my entire body worked. In addition to helping me with my bladder issues, they also strengthened my spine and stabilized my balance. I would recommend Activcore to anyone who wants to improve pelvic function and health.



Through the help of Beth Kemper, I was FINALLY able to get rid of the residual pain in my sacral and tailbone area over a year after a serious equestrian accident and the regular orthopedic PT that followed healing of a broken vertebrae. I am so grateful. Thank you!!

 Jennifer K.


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