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Activcore Helps Professional Hockey Players Develop a Smarter, Balanced Body

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Three times a year, I now have the exciting opportunity to teach Redcord suspension and the power of neuromuscular activation to the Washington Capitals Hockey Team. The Capitals first installed Redcord into their athletic training room in 2011, and now they utilize the equipment and training methods as part of their workout routine for NHL and farm team players.

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Why do I integrate the SFMA into my physical therapy?

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When evaluating clients early in my career, I would always focus just on their painful areas. When treating those painful spots, I would sometimes be successful, but often I would have to search elsewhere on the body in order to achieve any significant relief of pain. I had no clear cut path or system to zero in on the actual source of their pain. That was until I took the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) a few years ago with Mike Voight as the head instructor.

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Topics: SFMA, Movement Assessment, Pain Relief Treatments