It isn't just a lifestyle choice.

Moving your best is the foundation for being active for life. That's where Activcore comes in. We’re a team of physical therapists and performance specialists committed to helping you develop a smarter, balanced body so that you can move at your very best in sport and everyday life.

Performance Training

Applying the power of neuromuscular activation, we can elevate how your mind and muscles work together for a more efficient workout. Utilizing Redcord suspension, Pilates apparatus, and other leading-edge tools, our performance specialists design a program tailored to your individual needs and goals to help you build a smarter, balanced body in less time.

Performance Training

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

As an athlete, you are prone to injuries due to the excessive physical demands of competitive sports. Our physical therapists and performance specialists can help you recover quickly from injury or orthopedic surgery, return safely to your sport, and reduce your susceptibility to recurring or further damage by developing a smarter, balanced body.

Sports Rehab

Pain Relief Treatment

Contrary to the prevailing mindset, most musculoskeletal pain conditions can be effectively addressed without opioid medication or invasive surgery. Our providers take a distinct neuromuscular approach to healing. We get to the root of the problem by retraining your movement patterns and rebuilding normal muscle stability across the movement chain.

Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Leading with exercise? Peeing too frequently? Constipated? Painful intercourse? Abdominal pressure or heaviness? While pelvic pain and other symptoms are common, they aren't normal and could be a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. Let our highly trained specialists target the root cause of your condition to restore optimal pelvic health.

Pelvic Health

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Vestibular and inner ear disorders are often described as debilitating. The main symptoms of vestibular dysfunction (vertigo, dizziness and nausea) can lead to impaired postural control and loss of balance. Our trained specialists apply both vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) and neuromuscular retraining exercises to effectively address these conditions.

Vestibular Therapy

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