Rhonda Dodge

A physical therapist for general orthopedics and the Colorado weekend athlete

Rhonda Dodge is a physical therapist and certified Racquetfit practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience in outpatient orthopedics. She works at Activcore in Denver, Colorado, located just a mile from the popular Cherry Creek Shopping District.

As an all-around active person herself, Rhonda has a background in general orthopedics and post-operative care, with a special interest in treating the "Colorado weekend athlete" who enjoys tennis, hiking, running, snowshoeing, skiing, and other sports. Rhonda holds a Bachelors degree in Biology and Psychology from Greenville College, as well as a Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis, ranked among the top 10 PT schools in the country. She also has advanced post-graduate training in specialized methods such as trigger point dry needling, myofascial release, neuromuscular activation, kinesiotaping, and ergonomic assessment.

Rhonda is among less than 1% of all physical therapists recognized by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) as a Certified Racquetfit practitioner, making her exceptionally equipped to treat tennis players and other rotational athletes of all genders, ages and skill levels. Racquetfit is the tennis equivalent to the more widely known TPI golf certification. Additionally, she is recognized nationally as a leading authority in the application of Redcord, a suspension exercise system designed to help you develop a smarter, balanced body through the power of neuromuscular activation.

Rhonda goes beyond the symptoms and looks at the whole body to help you recover from pain and injury, and safely return to a fulfilling life of sport, activity and wellness. Pain is often the result of years of moving incorrectly with your daily activities. The challenge of unraveling the faulty movement patterns never ceases to excite and challenge her. Pain may be what brings you in, but you leave with a new knowledge of how your body is connected. You will also learn how to recognize earlier when you need to address musculoskeletal imbalances.

Rhonda recognizes the individual differences in her clients and believes that every treatment session should be customized, collaborative, and goal driven. The individualized, one-on-one treatment sessions at Activcore make this possible. She utilizes a combination of manual and exercise based treatment tailored for the specific needs and goals of each client.

As a biology and psychology major, Rhonda knew she wanted to have a career in the medical field. After spending a lot of time with both physicians and physical therapists, she realized that as a PT, she would be able to spend more time with her patients, and therefore be more involved in their healing journey.

After graduating from physical therapy school, she initially worked with patients who have neurological injuries, such as MS, spinal cord, and head injuries. Three years later, she began working in outpatient orthopedics and has loved it ever since. 

Rhonda is passionate about working with athletes, especially those who play tennis and other rotational sports. These activities demand the body to move in several planes of motion, requiring flexibility, strength, stability, and power. These sports are also accessible and loved by so many people in Denver, including Rhonda.

As a Colorado native, Rhonda enjoys all four of the seasons, and any chance to be outdoors. She also loves exploring Denver’s restaurant scene, catching a great sunset, and any opportunity to be with her friends and family. 


PT (Physical Therapist)

MSPT (Masters of Science in Physical Therapy)

USPTA Racquetfit Certified

SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) Level 1 Certified

TPDN (Trigger Point Dry Needling) Certified

Kinesiotaping Level 3 Certified


Client reviews

I started here a few months ago to build strength in anticipation of major back surgery. With the help of Rhonda Dodge, I feel better and stronger than I have in years. Am walking 40+ miles per week including over 3000 feet in altitude gain and am sleeping without significant pain. Surgery is not in the foreseeable future. I love this place.

Jim A.


Rhonda Dodge was a great find of a physical therapist when I was visiting Denver for a few weeks. After two major surgeries and breaking my leg, I hobbled into her office on two crutches and walked out two weeks later on just my two stable, working legs. The Redcord suspension system she used really helped me fast forward with recovery as did her sincere, caring approach and just plain enjoyable personality.

Jill B.


Rhonda Dodge came from several family and friend recommendations and was so glad I listened to them on selecting my PT. Rhonda was FANTASTIC to work with and made PT something I looked forward to weekly! I came into the office with less than 6 weeks away from my marathon with a hip injury. I didn't think I'd ever be able to complete the race, but Rhonda knew exactly what I need to repair and rebuild and I not only completed the race, but beat my goal by 20 mins all thanks to her!! I'd recommend Rhonda every day for PT and runners!

Elizabeth J.


Rhonda Dodge was my PT after my hip labral reconstruction surgery in January 2018. My results have far exceeded my expectations, as I am stronger now than I ever was before my injury and surgery, thanks to Rhonda’s knowledge and expertise. I seamlessly transitioned to full weight bearing after 4 weeks on crutches and was always a step ahead of where I should have been on my rehab schedule. Rhonda had an explanation and a solution for any ache or pain that occurred throughout the entire healing process. She is responsive and accessible and often works through her lunch to ensure her patients can get in to see her. She is a thoughtful, kind, and a truly caring person which facilitated my healing process as I always enjoyed my sessions with her. I would highly recommend Rhonda Dodge for any of your PT needs.

Carrie B.


Rhonda is magic. I was told I needed to have a discectomy and three vertebrae in my neck fused but I could ‘try some physical therapy’ to see if it would help-which the doc said, as if there was no chance it would help. What landed me in the condition that led to lost feeling in my right arm and constant pain was chronic bad posture from being in front of the computer.

That was almost one year ago today and it seems more like a story I read about someone else! Thanks to Rhonda I’m back at 100% and training for my second degree black belt in Taekwondo. I feel better than ever! Rhonda not only has helps ‘fix you’ but she is a fantastic human being with a heart of pure gold. She takes time to understand your problem and really embraces her clients in a way that makes you feel like you are just hanging out with your best friend rather than getting medical help. She is amazing and has helped me get my life back! Thank you Rhonda!

Jerome B.


Rhonda Dodge is simply fabulous! She is quick with an accurate diagnosis and makes you feel very comfortable. Very professional and highly recommended!

Megan T.


I've only gotten excellent, effective care at Activcore. Rhonda Dodge has helped me through a long post-surgery rehab with skill and kindness that have been key to my recovery.

Joan S. 


Rhonda was very thoughtful with what she is doing to restore my body and mind back to pre-accident or to the best I can expect. She LISTENS and checks in at the beginning of each appointment to see how I did after the last one and if there are any areas which are need more attention. She is a terrific therapist.

Patti R.


I had a talonavicular fusion on my right ankle about 11 years ago and am new to Denver - my job requires more walking than I usually do and I began experiencing pain in my ankle which was making it difficult for me to walk without a limp. I did some research online and found Rhonda to be the most qualified to deal with my particular issue. I called her to discuss the problem I was having and to find out if she thought she could assist me. The answer was a resounding yes and she did not disappoint. Rhonda is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable and I would not hestitate to recommend her.

Lauren S.


Activcore is an attractive, state of the art physical therapy facility. The brilliantly qualified therapists provide a full hour of one on one therapy specifically tailored to the needs of each individual. My experience is with Rhonda Dodge. The combination of Red Cord therapy, massage and dry needling has worked wonders. I am stronger and in far less pain. I could not recommend Rhonda or Activcore more highly.

Deborah A.


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