ACTIVCORE Success Stories

I highly recommend Activcore (and Gavin specifically) for any performance based PT needs. 4 weeks prior to a big race, I was having severe calf and hip issues.

After 3 weekly sessions and a week of rest I was able to run a personal best marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Aaron L.

I knew I needed to find an expert physical therapist who understood post-cancer rehab and could also address the needs of an athlete.

I am incredibly grateful for Adrienne and her specialized work at Activcore because I am back to dancing! She addressed all of my concerns about regaining strength and mobility, and helped me reach milestone after milestone on my recovery journey‍

Megan F.

I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Rachel at Activcore. I have had chronic back issues from an old car accident and have tried so many different therapy methods over the last four years.

I have been able to get off of my pain medications and no longer feel the need for regular massages and chiropractor adjustments. My pain levels have dropped immensely and I no longer have the big debilitating flair ups that I had become accustomed to dealing with in the past.

‍I feel that my quality of life has improved so much and I highly recommend this office.‍

Amy A.



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