Elizabeth Ariosto



Performance Specialist

  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Breath Coach
  • Classically Trained Ballerina

As a Pilates Instructor, former professional dancer and forever athlete from New York City, Elizabeth Ariosto brings a wealth of fitness knowledge to Georgia. She now works as a performance specialist at Activcore in Atlanta, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

Elizabeth's passion has always been focused on the body and the capability to not only perform and complete tasks, but the incredible potential our body has to heal from trauma. She is a classically trained Ballerina from the Hartford Ballet Company, the Hartford School of Ballet, in conjunction with the HARTT school of Music in Hartford, CT. She earned her Pilates certification in New York City with over 700 comprehensive training hours completed with the EQUINOX comprehensive Pilates program. She also was trained in Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injury through Kinected in New York.

Elizabeth is an athlete who is no stranger to injury and the mental toughness required not only for performance or competition but also for the recovery process. Her teaching style focuses on strength building, and equally important, developing the mind body connection necessary for peak optimization. She designs each session for each individual’s goals in mind with a focus on strength building, stability, flexibility, proper breathing, and establishing proper alignment. She likes to incorporate breath-work techniques into every session, as a way to create the neuromuscular control that allows the body to move safer and perform better.

Elizabeth's greatest joy is watching her clients progressively start feeling and moving better and better after each session.

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My Reviews

Activcore (Krystal Fannin and Elizabeth Ariosto especially) is an amazing place. My 11 year old son with a torn PCL in a full leg cast for 2 months. Elizabeth worked with him twice a week (Pilates) to build his core strength. After the leg brace came off we had an awful experience with a doctor recommended PT that just gave him exercises and did not even watch or correct his form. At this time, Elizabeth recommended that we see Dr. Krystal Fannin at Activcore. We worked in tandem with both of them. It was an amazing experience for an 11-year-old to gain great awareness of his body and understand the foundation of getting stronger, while healing and building strength. Thank you both. He is back to both baseball and basketball, and stronger than ever.

Kathry F.

Elizabeth Ariosto is genuine in her care for her clients' bodies, incorporating previous injuries and/or conditions as well as taking into consideration specific needs on any given day. Elizabeth's active cuing helps me create and sync neural-muscular relationships, allowing for a more articulate mind-body connection. Her classes are challenging and motivating while somehow oddly calming.

James D.



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