Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple


Lead Physical Therapist | Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • PT - Physical Therapist
  • DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • OCS - Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Board Certified
  • TPDN - Trigger Point Dry Needling certified
  • TPI - Titleist Performance Institute Golf Medical certified
  • Redcord Neurac trained

Elizabeth Dalrymple is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) who specializes in overhead and rotational sports like softball, baseball, golf, volleyball, swimming, tennis and gymnastics. She works both at Activcore in Atlanta, GA (near Emory University) and at Activcore in Cumming, GA (inside Studio Lotus Pilates).

As a former varsity softball player and Ivy League Pitcher of the Year award winner at Cornell University, Elizabeth has a special interest in treating both overhead and rotational athletes. She holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition from Cornell University, as well as a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University, ranked among the top 10 PT schools in the country. She is also a graduate from Emory University's Orthopedic Residency program.

Elizabeth goes beyond the symptoms and looks at the whole body to help you recover from pain and injury, and safely return to a fulfilling life of sport, activity and wellness. She is among less than 10% of all physical therapists to have earned the prestigious OCS designation as an orthopedic clinical specialist, making her exceptionally equipped to treat you from head to toe. Additionally, she is recognized nationally as a leading authority in the application of Redcord, a suspension exercise system designed to help you develop a smarter, balanced body through the power of neuromuscular activation.

After starting her career as a nutrition program coordinator for a clinic in Haiti, Elizabeth decided to combine this passion for helping others with her love of movement to pursue physical therapy. Having competed as a Division I softball pitcher, she understands the importance of having a healthy body and the dedication necessary to reach one’s optimal level of fitness. She particularly enjoys helping prevent and rehabilitate injuries in young "overhead athletes" to empower them to continue to pursue their athletic dreams. This includes overhead sports such as volleyball, softball, baseball, tennis, swimming, and track & field throwing events.

At Activcore, Elizabeth works with one individual at a time, to not just treat the symptom, but find the root cause of the athlete’s pain. In an overhead athlete, this means evaluating the transfer of dynamic forces through the body from the foot hitting the ground, through the pelvis and core, bringing velocity to the upper body. Her treatment addresses each of these components to improve mobility and stability, correct movement patterns and allow athletes to compete pain-free.

Elizabeth commits herself every day to helping others achieve their goals by incorporating manual therapy, dry needling and exercise into comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each client's needs. She hopes to meet clients where they are in life, whether that be working towards a healthier lifestyle or honing one’s physical capacity to its highest potential. Her greatest joy comes from connecting with clients on an individual level to create a partnership in physical rehabilitation and wellness.

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Take Control of Your Personal Health: An Interview with the Founder of Align Health Coaching

In this interview, Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple, lead physical therapist at Activcore, talks with Gail Turner-Cooper, the founder of Align Health coaching, about taking control of your personal health by making small, sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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Top 3 Tips for Preventing Low Back Pain on the Golf Course

It’s February, spring is right around the corner (or so Punxsutawney Phil says), and it’ll soon be time to hit the golf course. It’s tempting to just go straight to the driving range or first tee, because that’s the part of any sport that you love –– the playing part. Instead, consider first taking care of your body to set yourself up for a successful season. A body in pain can never perform at an optimal level, so what can you do to keep yourself injury-free this season?

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Take your tennis game to the next level: How to avoid injuries this season.

It’s fall in Atlanta, and it’s time to get back out on the tennis court. How are you feeling? Do you feel strong and well prepared? Are you excited to help your teammates work toward another championship? Or are you crossing your fingers that the tennis elbow from last season stays away? Gingerly testing out your knee that feels fine until you try to run? Hoping your sticky shoulder doesn’t impact your serve?

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What's the Secret to a Pain-Free Backbend? 3 Tips from a Physical Therapist

I can't claim to be an expert yogi, but I have been practicing for over a year with a fantastic instructor (shout out to Joanna Wilson). Yoga has added much value to my life. As a physical therapist and former Division 1 softball player, most of my fitness has come in the more standard forms of weight lifting and running. I also did some Pilates to build core strength and coordination after sustaining an injury of my own.

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Why Do I Hurt When In Chaturanga (Low Plank) Pose?

Chaturanga is a particularly challenging pose requiring significant muscular support to perform it correctly. Yet, it is one of the first moves you learn in many yoga practices.

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What Types of Exercises Can Help Me Throw, Swing or Hit Harder?

All 10 exercises are considered “open chain” exercises, meaning the terminal segment of the body (in this case, the hand) is not fixed and moves through space to complete the exercise.

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Now That I'm Playing Travel Baseball, Why Does My Elbow Hurt When Pitching?

First, there is a lot of evidence showing that pain on the inside of the elbow is only becoming more common in baseball players, particularly pitchers. So, you’re not alone here. The elbow has several structures that become irritated with overhead throwing: the wrist flexor tendons, the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), and the ulnar nerve. The set of symptoms you have will vary depending on which of these structure is irritated, but all will create pain on the inside of the elbow that gets worse with throwing.

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Kathy's Story: Wrist Pain (radiating from neck)

This is an inspiring story of how Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple, a physical therapist and board certified orthopedic specialist, helped Kathy overcome excruciating wrist pain (that was actually coming from her neck) through the practice of physical therapy.

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I've Always Been Tight, Why Don't My Stretches Seem To Get Me Anywhere?

You stretch, you feel better, and then the tightness comes right back. What gives?

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How Can Dry Needling Help My Tennis Elbow?

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5 Reasons to See a Physical Therapist if You’re an Overhead Athlete

Have you ever wondered: What does a physical therapist actually do? Aren’t they just for people who have had surgery? Don't they just do massage? How can they possibly help me with my overhead sport? These are some of the questions we hear all the time from athletes.

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My Client Reviews

Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple has been great! I have been struggling with a hamstring injury that has been lingering for a few months. 1 session with her and she figured out what was wrong and what steps I needed to take to fix the issue that was causing the injury.

Mithil N.

By far, this is the best place for physical therapy for adults and kids. The staff is excellent and the one-on-one attention makes recovery from injury much faster. Elizabeth treated my 12 year old after she broke her ankle and was immobilized for 8 weeks. Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple is caring and attentive, she is great with kids, and she analyzes the entire body not just the one body part that may have weakness or pain.

Amy K.

I recently started doing physical therapy sessions with Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple for a lingering foot injury. She is thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and able to put together a therapy plan that is tailored to what I wanted in life: to be able to function daily. She listens to my concerns and goals, and I have been able to better verbalize my concerns through her therapeutic communication and listening, and confidence in my ability to improve. Elizabeth is FANTASTIC!

Kelsey R.

Through the years i have had several courses of PT in both private and university settings for a chronic hip issue. I chose Activcore through recommendations from neighbors. Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple exceeded my expectations. She listened attentively and was very knowledgeable concerning my issues. The approach used by Activcore, and Elizabeth in particular, was comprehensive and unique. She was able to focus exercises with precision to improve my functioning. As a bonus, my physical fitness is considerably better and I think I am on the right path to deal with the "wild cards" of age. Elizabeth is very smart and very engaging. I recommend her highly for your PT needs!

Jennifer E.

Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple is amazing!! The electronically stimulated dry needling and Redcord suspension therapy really helped improve my range of motion and relieve stiffness from an old rotator cuff injury! The whole staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend Elizabeth and Activcore to anyone! Thanks again!

Daniel H.

After my double mastectomy, I went to Elizabeth for PT because I saw on the website one of her specialties was breast cancer recovery. I really appreciated how kind and sensitive she was to me in the first few appointments. She got me moving and back to live quickly. As a lifetime athlete she not only got me back to my favorite sports and living my life quickly but she also helped me with problems that have been nagging me for years. I loved working with Elizabeth and am so grateful to her for getting me moving again.

Victoria C.

For about a year, I had a quite painful lower back. Every time I stood up after sitting, I had to pause about five seconds as I adjusted to my knife-like back pain. Elizabeth worked with me for about six months, using a combination of massage, exercises and needle therapy to right my ship. After two months the pain was cut in half and it took another four months to get pain free. This, my friends, was a big deal. Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with and her knowledge about the body is quite extraordinary.

Joe D.

I was referred by a friend to Dr. Elizabeth Dalrymple and have been seeing her for the last month for chronic neck and shoulder pain. It is worth mentioning that I have been in pain for more than 12 years and felt helpless. Over the years, I had tried everything from weekly massages, acupuncture, chiropractic...etc and nothing helped.
I can't say enough wonderful things about Elizabeth. She is a great listener, problem solver and truly understands how the body works. She gave me tons of Redcord and at home exercises to increase strength in my middle back muscles to help take stress off my neck. Additionally, she performed some of the best dry needling trigger point therapy on my shoulders to alleviate some of my tightest problem areas.
I feel like a better, stronger, happier person already and would say after 1 month (2x a week) of visits, I'm around 75% better! Elizabeth, thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life!

Lauren O.



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