Dr. Lisa Ochman


New Jersey

Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT)
  • Redcord® Provider
  • 4-time Ironman Triathlete

Lisa Ochman is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who specializes in lymphedema, parkinsons, and general orthopedics with a focus on runners and triathletes. She works at Activcore in Princeton, New Jersey, located just 2 miles from Princeton University.

As a 4-time ironman triathlete, Lisa has a special interest in treating athletes. She also has a passion for helping people with lymphedema (swelling in the head, neck, and/or limbs typically after cancer, surgery, or injury) as well as those suffering from parkinson's disease.

Lisa holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University, and a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Temple University, ranked among the top 10 PT schools in the country. As soon as she began working as a PT, she became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. According to Lisa, "Working with the Lymphedema population is an honor for me and a true passion of mine. I am also energized by working with the orthopedic population and the neurological population with a specialty in treating Parkinsonism through the LSVT Big program."

Physical Therapy was a second career for Lisa. She started out as a mechanical engineer and worked in various aspects of engineering for 5 years. When the next step was to work towards her professional engineering license, she decided to switch fields and pursue her interest in Physical Therapy. She then went back to school to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. According to Lisa, "Becoming a PT was one of the easiest choices I made, second only to saying 'yes' to my husband's marriage proposal!"

After working as a staff PT in a hospital-based system in Doylestown, PA, her family was relocated to Oregon for her spouse's osteopathic residency program. She worked diligently to establish two successful programs for the Corvallis Clinic while out there: Lymphedema Physical Therapy, and LSVT Big (Parkinsons) program. She migrated back to the east coast for her spouse's cardiology fellowship and to be closer to family.

After taking a Redcord continuing education course, Lisa began pursuing a career with Activcore. She describes the Redcord suspension system as “the real deal” and says, "I truly never physically felt better than after the weekend long Redcord course. With the use of slings and bungees, even those who have experienced chronic pain for decades could move through space with little to no symptoms. The muscle reeducation is ideal for re-establishing a well operating neuromuscular system post surgery or for any neurological condition."

Lisa now lives in Lambertville, NJ with her fun loving partner, two children and dog. In her free time she enjoys swimming with her kids, fishing with her son, long distance cycling and triathlons with her husband, and bootcamp style workouts with her friends. She feels as though everything has led her to Activcore in order to blend her experience and specialties with the Redcord system in bringing the most effective treatment to the lymphedema, orthopedic and Parkinsonian populations. Lisa looks forward to working with you!

As A Triathlete, How Do I Avoid Neck Pain When Riding My TT Bike?

As any triathlete knows, riding a Time Trial (TT) bike is not the most comfortable position to maintain for 5, 10, 56, 112 miles or more. First and foremost, please get a good fit from a highly regarded certified bike fitter. Fitters can get certified through a variety of organizations such as: International Bike Fitting Institute, Retul, Wobble-Naught, FIST, etc. It is easy to get lost in a sea of bike fitters, so find a fitter affiliated with a local tri club or cycling team where you can ask around about the fitters expertise & experience. Creating a team of a PT, coach, and bike fitter is the ideal scenario for injury prevention.


Is Physical Therapy Safe During a Pandemic?

The only person who can answer that question is you after discussing the risk/reward ratio with your family and your primary care physician. At Activcore Physical Therapy, every precaution is taken to ensure your health and well-being...


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My Reviews

Dr. Lisa Ochman is one of the greatest medical professionals I’ve worked with. I have a number of complex health issues, which many doctors have failed to treat, or even to believe existed. Lisa has really taken the time to understand what is going on, and together we have made remarkable progress. Lisa has so much expertise. She is flexible enough to cater each session to the level of pain, swelling, and autonomic dysfunction I am feeling that day, while still helping me work towards my long-term goals. She is also unconditionally supportive and encouraging, as is the entire staff at Activcore. I am more functional, in less pain, and understand my body much better than I did before PT with Lisa. I can’t thank her, and Activcore, enough!

Amalia V.

I had a great experience at Activcore Physical Therapy and with Dr. Lisa Ochman as my physical therapist. First of all I found the highest level of cleanliness and an incredibly friendly and welcoming atmosphere every time I enter the facility. I felt safe during all my visits. The efficiency of each scheduled session is much higher, compared to other physical therapy centers, because a therapist works only with you during one hour visits, concentrating on your problems. I came in with a terrible low back pain, caused by a lack of core strength. Lisa assessed the problem as a whole and developed a plan how to return me to an active life I used to live. At the beginning of each session I described my current fillings and findings.  She listened patiently and then came up with what we would do that day, based on where my body was at. I was on my way back to normal within 5 weeks. Each session was well worth the time and money.  Lisa paid attention to everything. When I mentioned that I bike quite often, she suggested making a video on my bike and bringing it to her. She wanted to make sure my bike position is correct. Once the therapy was over she provided me a recommendation on my activities - what to do and what to avoid. I would recommend Dr. Lisa Ochman and Activcore to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Elena H.

A different approach to traditional physical therapy with AMAZING results. Lisa O. is the therapist I have seen. She listens attentively to what is going on both physically and mentally. She intuitively knows how to help! I had been with another practice for over a year for post mastectomy issues without a ton of relief, then I found out about Lisa and Activcore. I am infinitely better and stronger.

Erin M.

Activcore and their staff were fantastic! They were professional and extremely diligent about keeping their equipment clean for each use! My therapist, Dr. Lisa Ochman, was exceptional in service and helped me achieve my therapy goals.

Jolina R.

Lisa Ochman is the best physical therapist ever! She has a deep knowledge of how the body is put together, and how to correct anything that is bothering you or causing pain. The methods used at Activcore PT are innovative and even fun. Lisa is an excellent partner with you in finding out what hurts. She always suggests targeted but easy practices at home to help you stand, sit, or walk better for life. She makes the process fun and interesting, and I always walk out of the building feeling great. Make sure to ask for Lisa when you call for an appointment!

Deborah K.



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