Dr. Sara Kiyani


Physical Therapist | Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • PT - Physical Therapist
  • DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Pelvic Health Certified
  • 3D Running Analysis Certified
  • Yoga Sculpt Teacher

Sara Kiyani is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who specializes in pelvic health, women's health, running analysis and general orthopedics. She works at Activcore in Atlanta, GA, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

Sara graduated with an honors degree in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Duke University, ranked among the top 10 PT schools in the nation. There she was didactically challenged under a world class faculty with an evidenced-based practice approach that maximized her ability to strategize the best possible approach for patient-centered care. She received additional training in 3D running gait analysis as well as women’s health. She also earned an additional certification to treat pelvic floor dysfunction.

During her time at the University of Colorado, Sara was a competitive collegiate triathlete and competed in USA triathlon’s collegiate nationals. She didn’t realize the power and impact physical therapy was until she, herself, was unable to be competitive in her sport due to multiple biking and running injuries. She was inspired by how determined her physical therapist, who was an endurance athlete herself, was to make sure her rehabilitation journey was efficient and effective. After much rehab and hard work, she was finally able to join her team for a long bike ride pain free! The feeling she felt was impeccable, and that’s when Sara knew she wanted to be a part of such a rewarding profession.  

Sara's style of treatment and training is centered around a biopsychosocial approach where the focus is on the individual as a whole being, rather than a specific body part. She has been trained in deciphering and teasing out the nuances behind pain/injury in order to achieve successful patient outcomes.

With a background in communication studies, Sara understands the importance of listening and being her patient’s biggest advocate in overcoming their fears, worries and stressors. More so, her clinical education was engulfed around not only treatment techniques but the importance of educating patients about recent evidence and research for reasons for their pain/injury.

Specific populations that she enjoys working with are female endurance athletes, since Sara herself resonates with that population. After witnessing her stepmom cope with pelvic and musculoskeletal complications post-delivery, she became fascinated with understanding how pelvic floor physical therapy a simple solution for frustrated moms can be, like her stepmom.

Sara is passionate in helping women no matter what pregnancy stage they are in or how far out they are from delivery. She believes that no women should have to give up the activities they love to do or the appearance and function of their body just because they decided to have a family.

After working within the conventional, in-network physical therapy system, Sara experienced the time limitation and treatment constraints. This was an unfortunate disservice to both the patient and provider. She wanted the ability to go above and beyond for her patients. Activcore allows Sara the opportunity for her to be able to use her creativity and passion to serve the best possible care to patients.

Outside of treating patients, Sara enjoys doing Yoga, running or hiking on trails with her dog ("Bear"), strength training in the gym, and experiencing the outdoors as much as she possibly can.

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Dr. Sara Kiyani is extremely professional, knowledgeable and has been a great help to relieve my pain. She cares about what I am going through. She listens to my concerns. I would highly recommend her.

Janet S.

Dr. Sara Kiyani is absolutely the best! Although I went in for one issue, I injured my back while away on a trip. She was able to pivot from the initial issue to my back to return me to the real reason I went to start with! She really listens, asks intuitive questions and is able to quickly pinpoint the underlying issue. She gives great homework too!

Ellen K.

Dr. Sara Kiyani is my new best friend. She has helped me with an issue almost all women face as they age--a weak pelvic floor. This problem causes leakage which can lead to embarrassing moments away from home and a lot of inconvenience at home. I had never heard of Pelvic PT until I went to a urologist. This therapy works and is an option to replace surgery. Once I read the side effects of surgery, I didn't want to go that route. This PT is the best and I have seen results in 3 weeks. Plus another benefit--you strengthen your core. I never thought of the connection of this entire portion of your body. No surgery was my initial motivation but my motivation to continue is that I'm seeing real results.

Mona M.

Dr. Sara Kiyani is an amazing and sensitive Physical Therapist and Pelvic Floor Specialist. Despite the fact that I have only had three appointments with her I am absolutely delighted with the results. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Eleanor A.

So happy that I chose Activcore from the list of referrals that my Urologist provided for therapy. The staff was extremely friendly, accommodating and very professional from my first contact. The service provided by Dr. Sara Kiyani exceeded my expectations! It is evident that she is very passionate about her work, knowledgeable, patient and exudes such care. Her main goal is to address the root cause of the issue. I saw significant improvement after just 2 sessions. I highly recommend Dr. Sara Kiyani and the staff at Activcore!

Janet J.



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