Tess Kuether


Performance Specialist | Pilates Instructor

  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner

Tess Kuether is a performance specialist at Activcore with certifications in Pilates and Thai Yoga. She works at the Activcore studio in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

Tess is a friendly teacher with a passion for holistic healing. Her background in dance and Thai Yoga fortifies her Pilates training. Tess graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Fine-Arts Dance, and completed a 425-hour Pilates Teacher Training Program. She traveled to Chiang Mai to complete an advanced level Thai Yoga Certification. While teaching, Tess incorporates modifications and props to encourage proper body mechanics. She uses creative cues and inventive exercises to build fluid, invigorating lessons. By giving hands-on assists and traction throughout workouts, she makes her students feel longer, more relaxed and balanced.

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I have been taking Pilates lessons at Activcore for the past 8 months and have loved it! Parking is easy, the space is beautiful and the staff all seem very happy to be there. I work with Kristen Rubino, Lillie Johnson, and Tess Kuether. All of these Pilates Instructors have wonderful qualities that make sessions with them challenging, rewarding and educational. I would highly recommend booking appointments with any of them. I have worked with other Pilates instructors who are at Activcore and think they are phenomenal, too. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. This is definitely money well spent!

Mary S.

Tess Kuether is an excellent instructor. She is patient, precise, encouraging and totally kicked my butt in a good way!!!




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