Veronica Whetsel


Physical Therapist | Pilates Instructor

  • Physical Therapist
  • Masters in Physical Therapy
  • Professional Yoga Therapist
  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Integrative Lifestyle Medicine Certified
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Nutritional PT
  • Redcord Neurac trained

Veronica Whetsel is a Licensed Physical Therapist in Georgia and Maryland. She works at Activcore in Cumming, GA (located inside Studio Lotus Pilates).

Veronica is an Integrative PT, combining her skills as a functional manual therapist, professional yoga therapist and certified Pilates apparatus instructor who specializes in spine disorders, chronic pain, and complex medical cases.

Veronica has used the biopsychosocial approaches of Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates as a powerful tool in her practice for almost 20 years, seeing her patients progress through their rehab goals very quickly- compared to traditional physical therapy alone. She has practiced both Yoga and Pilates to heal her own body from spinal disc injuries caused by pregnancy and childbirth, and being a former gymnast. She has trained herself and others how to manage stress with meditation and breathwork, clean nutrition and hydration, optimal sleep habits and more health hacks.

Veronica has a passion for partnering with her patients to get their best lives back by identifying the root causes of their pain, weakness and imbalances. First, through comprehensive differential diagnostic testing, then clearing out joint and soft tissue dysfunctions with manual therapy, and then promoting total patient independence with an integrative lifestyle medicine plan for their self-care.

In her spare time, she loves cooking organic foods from the local Farmer’s Market, listening to inspiring podcasts and spending time with her husband David and their 3 kids ranging from elementary school to post college in N. Atlanta.

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Veronica is one of the best manual therapists I have encountered!

Sarah J.

Veronica is hands-down the best physical therapist I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many!).  In addition to taking her classes and meeting with her for private PT sessions, I recently contacted Veronica over Zoom now that she lives several states away.  She was able to diagnose my knee problem and develop a full program, which she video-taped on the spot.  I did the exercises while she talked me through them with excellent cues.  She then edited the video, included subtitles with the name of each exercise and the number of sets and reps that I should do.  I now have this permanently as a youtube video as I work through her program.  I give her my highest recommendation!

Lisa D.

I have been using Veronica’s physical therapy services for several months. Veronica and her other staff have been professional, kind, friendly and helpful. I can’t think of anyone I would rather recommend than Veronica and her staff.

Marty A.

The Medical Therapeutic Yoga classes by Veronica Whetsel provide a perfect blend of personal fitness and physical therapy, along with the added benefits of yoga. She consistently educates us in the best practices of healthful living. I have taken Veronica's  classes for many years and they are always very  enjoyable, helpful and valuable.

Cath J.

I have been taking MTY yoga with Veronica for three years. I am able to move so much more easily because of her excellent instruction. Since she is a physical therapist also, her knowledge and experience goes far beyond what is normally taught in a yoga class. Her enthusiasm and energy make the practice extremely enjoyable.

Corrine G.

I have been working with Veronica for at least 5 years.  She is a very knowledgeable physical therapist and Pilates instructor.  Her classes are challenging and safe.  I highly recommend her for students of all levels.

Debbie D.

Veronica is a great therapist and teacher; very professional and always ready to help. She has helped me immensely. I recommend her to all.

Carol O.

Working with Veronica was honestly life changing. When I first visited with her, my severe back issues were pushing me towards potential surgery.  She was able to relieve my pain while helping me regain flexibility and resume all levels of my active lifestyle without surgery.  I will be forever grateful to Veronica for her expertise and tremendous level of care.

Kevin C.

I have been treated by Veronica and her team for almost 10 years now for various ailments/conditions and attended medical therapeutic yoga and Pilates classes as needed for rehabilitation and maintenance. LIFE CHANGING.  I had visited orthopedic doctors, 6 different physical therapists, chiropractor, & natural healer in a quest to relieve the back pain I had been having for years after having our daughter. Veronica was able to look at my body alignment and find the source of my problems in one visit.  After years of pain and not being able to do the simplest thing like sit in the car, stand on my feet for more than half hour, ride a bike, etc..Veronica worked to manually realign my body a matter of weeks and also taught me the core stabilization exercises to maintain it through yoga & Pilates. I was running, playing tennis, biking with no problem! The Best words to describe her team’s philosophy is Whole Body.  They are all highly educated and incredibly skilled.  They all have a deep understanding of how the entire body works in unison.  I have learned that an ache in my right knee may be triggered from my left hip alignment.. Veronica and her team are not your ordinary PT’s. They are incredibly intelligent and gifted! I feel so blessed to have found them!

Lisa C.

Veronica has the experience and expertise to diagnose any physical issues and develop a plan to help you relieve your pain and develop strength so you can participate in any activities you choose. I personally have been a yogi for years, but after working with Veronica I now participate in Orange Theory 3x's a week. She gave me my life back!

Tina D.

Veronica deserves more than a 5 Star Rating. She has a skill set that far surpasses even the highest rated physical therapists. Veronica is a knowledge seeker always evolving and sharpening her skills.  Early on in her career, Veronica implemented an integrative approach to her practice, not only treating her clients' pain, but also teaching them how to maintain life long fitness. I have first hand knowledge of this since I have been a client of Veronica Whetsel since 2008. Even though we are now separated by thousands of miles, I can stay connected to her and continue to learn from her though her very affordable on line Pilates and Medical Therapeutic Yoga Zoom Classes. My husband Patrick has also been a client of Veronica, and he says the same.

Pat B.

I am so grateful to have found Veronica Whetsel. I first met her through Pilates. I was so impressed. Her knowledge superseded any other instructor. I again crossed paths with Veronica after suffering nerve damage from DDD. She was the only Physical Therapist who was able to give me relief from the nerve pain. Now, I am enrolled in her Medical Yoga class to maintain my muscle fitness. Above all, Veronica is a very personable individual who really cares and is always available to her clients.

Carolyn J.

Veronica is an amazing human!  Her knowledge is endless and she continues to research and educate herself on so many topics which benefits all of us who are lucky enough to take classes from her.  She has such positive energy it transfers to me during my class time and always makes me feel better.  Also,  because of her extensive background and knowledge in PT, she is always ready and wiling to help if you have any issues.  I have been doing MTY classes with her for a few years, I'd be lost without her in my life.  Highly recommend Veronica Whetsel Integrative Physical Therapy whether it be for PT, Pilates or MTY.

Sally K.

Veronica has been so helpful and instrumental in my healing process. She is very knowledgeable on many levels and I love her holistic approach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone dealing with pain issues.

Laura M.

Veronica is the best!  She’s incredibly knowledgeable, always learning the most up to date techniques and what a blessing to have a licensed PT as my Pilates instructor. If I could give more stars, I would!!!

Rebecca S.

I have been seeing Veronica for almost a year for my chronic neck, back, hip pain. I was shocked she was able to figure out what my issues were before I had an MRI and X-ray done. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the human body. I have had her teach me medical therapeutic yoga as well as Pilates to help stabilize my core. She is a true healer and takes a passion in her work and helping to make people feel their best. I have been to several doctors and physical therapists in the past and she is by far the most knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to elevating my everyday pain. She really listens to your needs and requests. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with pain. She has made a big difference in my life.

Terry B.

I have attended Veronica’s (Pilates) class for a few years now. I have learned so much about spinal health while increasing core strength which has lead to a reduction of myofascial pain but I was also a 1/4 inch taller at my last wellness physical!

Felicia D.

I have attended Veronica’s class and love it. She is a great yoga instructor and educator. I have chronic back, neck and hip pain and the poses and stretches I’ve learned from her have helped me improve my posture and I’m finally starting to feel some relief from my pain. I’ve learned a lot about the human body and what I need to do to strengthen my core to help alleviate my pain. I recommend her class for anyone experiencing pain or even people who want a less intense yoga class.

Terri S.

The awareness of how my body functions that comes from Veronica’s class allows me to adapt the asanas to my best advantage. This class would be useful for anybody/everybody!

Holly H.

I love Veronica and highly recommend MTY. I am very pleased to now have the opportunity to sign up for two days a week! I have taken and loved MTY from Veronica since 2013 when she held the classes at AAMC! I followed Veronica to Evolutions where I am now an active member. Notwithstanding I weigh 300 pounds, I am able to do and benefit from all of the movements in MTY I appreciate the informed modifications that Veronica recommends for me. MTY is my foundational physical activity, supporting my expansion into other exercises including Pilates. I have complete and blessed trust in Veronica’s expansive and detailed knowledge as a physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and yoga instructor. I may still weigh 14 stone, but I have much better mobility and core strength! Thank you, Veronica Jun Whetsel!

Scott D.

I highly recommend Veronica to anyone suffering from neck or back problems. As a nurse practitioner who specializes in spine care, I have seen many of my patients personally benefit from Veronica’s expertise. I am grateful to have Veronica as a resource in our community!

Karen P.

Veronica healed me a year ago and enabled me to return to my regular yoga class. I still practice her suggested routine daily without pain. She is a wonderful teacher and healer who goes out of her way to meet your needs. I will always turn to her for MTY if I’m in any pain again.

Susan E.

About 4 years ago I found myself in physical therapy for what was deemed to be a ‘foot’ problem. Veronica had me walk around a bit and said ‘I don’t think it’s a foot problem, I think it’s spine related.’ A few x-rays later we were dealing with 4 bulging discs using physical therapy that greatly improved things. I had been doing ‘regular’ yoga but when Veronica started the Medical Therapeutic Workshops I signed up immediately knowing that as a physical therapist she was going to be able to teach in a way that would help all the participants, with various challenges, learn how to do yoga safely. That has proven to be so true – her students learn how to modify exercises for a variety of issues. The setting and pace are perfect and since no one is trying out for the Olympics there’s time for questions, demos etc. I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and as we do various moves in class she’s been highlighting things that are good for building bone. It is that personal touch that brings students back every week.

Pat K.

Since my last appointment, I feel stronger and more in control of my body. I am not afraid to move, bend down, lift, climb, run, turn etc in fear of causing more pain. My muscles are getting stronger and can support my fluid movement. I am excited and encouraged about this process and ready to move forward!

Tina D.

Veronica, you have taught me how to listen to my body and not push through the pain. Correct form and building of strength comes with time and patience. You are a wonderful teacher and I love your class.

Jonelle N.

For the first time in 20 years, I finally have my life back! After 3 surgeries, unhelpful PT and years of opioids, Veronica has given me the help I always needed. The improvement is unbelievable and friends & family who had not seen me for awhile were amazed. I can now climb stairs and walk with so much less pain after only two months of treatment! I can even sleep through the night again! I’m not stopping now! I am so anxious to continue this treatment: even for occasional ‘tune-ups’. I cannot recommend her enough!!

Virginia M.

I attended Veronica’s MTY class through chemotherapy, rehabbing after surgeries and now for overall body care and maintenance. Veronica Jun Whetsel is an amazing practitioner. She articulates so clearly and educates her students to ensure a safe and productive session no matter what your level!

Dawn O.



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