An online yoga class taught by a pelvic trained PT

Join Dr. Ashley Newton, a pelvic physical therapist and Yoga instructor, every Friday morning via Zoom for a 60-minute Yoga Class for Pelvic Health. This online class is designed to weave pelvic health concepts into the LYT® Yoga framework. Concepts that are focused on include: coordination of breathing, pelvic floor contraction and relaxation, and core stabilization within the yoga flow. Recommended props include 2 yoga blocks. This class can be modified for all levels.

COST: $15 drop in

DATE:  Every Friday at 10:30am EST via Zoom

GET STARTED: Call us at 609.683.1010

NOTE: This is a Zoom class available through our partnership with LYT Yoga.


"The physical therapist who has been working on me, Dr. Ashley Newton, is effective and enjoyable to spend time with. Even through some tough workouts, Ashley is patient and accommodating while sticking to the target performance goals. I'm going back for a follow up evaluation to see how her work and the exercises she gave me are improving my core development and improvement."

- Customer review

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