The pelvis serves many vital functions for kids. As the center connection point between the child's upper and lower body, it is core to how they move, breathe, and regulate normal bodily processes like bowel and bladder function.

Most children by the age of 2 years old are ready to be potty trained. In some cases though, the child may not be ready and continue to leak urine throughout the day or night. There can be multiple reasons why this happens:  their sensory system is not fully developed, increased muscle weakness in their core (abdominals and pelvic floor muscles), the child is not ready mentally, a poor diet with increased intake of bladder irritants, difficulty adapting to life events, and many other reasons. In fact, according to a research study performed at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, children who are potty trained before 24 months of age are three times more likely to develop a daytime wetting problem later in life.

There is also an association between constipation and urinary leaking in children. This happens because there is limited space inside the pelvis, especially in a child, and extra bowel in the rectum causes compression on the urinary system. These issues can continue into adulthood and need to be addressed at an early age.

Furthermore, in many cases a child can be potty trained for several years and then all of a sudden have some occasions of day time incontinence or enuresis. This can be caused from a life changing event such as a move, a new school, or a change in the family dynamic (divorce, new child, etc.).

If your child is having troubles with his/her bladder you should know it is not on purpose. Punishing a child or making them feel embarrassed about their day or night time wetting is not the way to handle their problem. Children do not wet their pants on purpose and need to see a specialist who treats the pelvic floor, specifically a pediatric pelvic health specialist.

Pediatric Pelvic Health Problems

• Still having accidents at night?
• Peeing their pants at school?
• Feeling embarrassed?

•  Missing out on social activities?
•  Experiencing low back or tailbone pain?

Urinary incontinence could be normal for their age but there does come a time when children should be dry during both the day and night. A pediatric pelvic health specialist can determine why they're still having accidents and how to help. If this sounds familiar, click here to get help now.


How can Activcore help?

In each State, there are only a handful of physical therapists who treat the pediatric pelvic floor. This is an area of specialty within the field of physical therapy. It is typically not part of a physical therapist’s education. Rather, it is a specialization requiring much further study, training and practice following graduation from PT school. The pediatric pelvic health specialist holds both a degree in physical therapy as well as advanced credentials in the assessment and treatment of children with diagnoses that involve the pelvic floor musculature. Having this additional knowledge gives the physical therapist an even greater understanding of how to help your child from head to toe.

Some of our physical therapists at Activcore are uniquely qualified to assess and treat kids. They go beyond the pelvic floor and look at the child's whole body. Equipped with the Redcord suspension system and other industry leading tools, they are specially trained to optimize how the mind and pelvis work together so that your child can gain control of his/her own body.

During a physical therapy session, the specialist will assess your child’s pelvic floor muscles by using a technique called biofeedback. This is either done with a mirror or a computer program as the child engages (or relaxes) the pelvic floor muscles. The specialist will also assess the child’s overall core strength, functional mobility, diet and family dynamic. Both you and your child will also be educated about the anatomy and function of the bladder and bowel.

Your child will never be treated like a number at Activcore. This is a private environment with your own dedicated pediatric pelvic health specialist (no aides or assistants) by your side throughout every session.

We Treat

•  Abdominal pain
• Bedwetting (Enuresis)
• Bladder and bowel issues
• Constipation
• Daytime Urinary Incontinence
• Gastrointestinal (GI) issues
• Low back pain / tailbone pain
• Pelvic floor dysfunction
• Pelvic pain

• Surgery (abdominal/pelvic)
• Urinary frequency
• Urinary incontinence
• Urinary urgency
• Vesicoureteral Reflux
• Voiding Dysfunction
• Weak core muscles

"By far, this is the best place for physical therapy for adults and kids. The staff is excellent and the one-on-one attention makes recovery so much faster. They are caring and attentive, great with kids, and they analyze the entire body not just the one body part that may have weakness, pain or dysfunction."

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