Muscle Control is Fundamental to Healthy Movement

Activcore is the leading provider of suspension based physical therapy and performance training in the United States. Every location is fully equipped with Redcord suspension. Originating in Norway, Redcord is considered the gold standard in suspension exercise. It creates a "zero gravity" environment where you can safely and accurately do whole body exercises, with precise muscle control and without pain. Yes, it's totally painless (and fun)!

Redcord is a powerful tool and technique that can have a profound effect on both your mind and body (i.e., the neuromuscular system). When done with "bungee" assistance, these exercises are safe and appropriate for everyone, regardless of your age, health condition, or strength level. Similar to exercising in the pool, Redcord takes suspension training to new heights so that you can bridge the gaps between injury, healing, and optimal fitness.

Developed by physiotherapists in Norway in the 1990's, Redcord is now utilized by elite physical therapists, athletic trainers, and fitness professionals around the world. It has also been extensively peer-reviewed with 100+ research studies in industry approved publications such as the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Human Kinetics, and Journal of Dance Medicine and Science.

Here's how the science behind it works...

The Problem


Many physical events (injury, illness, surgery, pregnancy, etc.) can alter your brain’s capacity to switch on the right muscles, at the right time, and with the right amount of strength. Known as neuromuscular deactivation, this process involves a loss of control of the smaller muscles that help stabilize your joints. Subsequently, the larger muscles tend to take over and compensate. It is this imbalance that creates a vicious cycle of abnormal movement patterns, postural alignment changes, and chronic muscle guarding and pain. If you don't stop the cycle, certain conditions could eventually become debilitating.

Neuromuscular deactivation impairs not just how you move, but also how you recover from injury and trauma. It can even disrupt the way you regulate normal bodily processes like voiding urine (i.e., pelvic floor dysfunction).


Sports and repetitive use
Broken bone
Injury and pain
Surgery and medication
Sedentary lifestyle
Poor posture
Poor posture
Pregnancy and postpartum
Pregnancy and childbirth

The Solution


Neuromuscular activation breaks the pain cycle by targeting underlying weaknesses as the source of your movement limitations. This approach involves specialized exercises performed on the Redcord suspension system to help you regain muscle control. It's like turning up a light switch to the smaller, stabilizing muscles that went dim from pain, injury, and inactivity.

Neck retraction exercises with bungee assistance

Neck extension exercises with bungee assistance

Redcord has proven to be the ideal system for delivering neuromuscular activation. Similar to floating in water, there are slings and bungee cords to assist you through the exercises. This gravity-free environment is key. It allows us to precisely adjust how much control versus instability gets applied during each movement. You should feel your muscles engaging, but without any symptom aggravation.

Oftentimes we shake the ropes (called "perturbation") to enhance the level of neuromuscular challenge.  Or, we can lightly vibrate the ropes to create a calming effect.

Gentle pelvic exercises to restore deep core control

Redcord is a full body approach. In order to maintain balance in the unsteady ropes, these exercises require stability and quality of motion across entire chains of muscles (i.e., myofascial chains). Some of the prescribed movements could include, but not be limited to: bridges, planks, lunges, squats, push ups, and pull ups. Your provider may also use the Redcord suspension system to assist with the application of manual therapy techniques, such as joint mobilizations, massage, and myofascial release.

Assisted manual therapy techniques

Redcord tends to get faster results than conventional PT. It's common to feel some immediate changes after just a few repetitions. The difference is at a neuromuscular level. When your mind, pelvis and body are fully connected, the effects are unrivaled. After all, muscle control is fundamental to healthy movement.


We’re building a revolution in physical therapy and performance.