I Had A Baby And Now I Am Leaking... Help Me!

You have probably heard some people say, “Oh it is normal to leak after having a baby, that is just what happens.” While it is common to experience leaking, this shouldn't become your new normal. As a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health, I am trained to help new moms overcome incontinence. I also work with moms who have been dealing with bladder issues for many years.


Anatomy Made Simple: The Deep Front Line

In my last two blogs, I explained how our muscles (and hence our bones and joints) are connected to each other through a series of myofascial chains. I also explained how we have inner muscles that stabilize our joints versus outer muscles that move our joints. ‍In the spirit of keeping things simple with regards to explaining the myofascial chains, I am going to break them down from the front of the body, back of the body, and sides of the body.


Activcore Open House Event at the Excel Fitness Center in Bernardsville, NJ

On Monday, February 6, 2023, join us for an interactive lecture and open house at our Activcore clinic located inside the Excel Fitness Center in Bernardsville, New Jersey.‍ Get to know our team of professionals while learning about Myofascial Chains and the Redcord Suspension System!


As An Orthopedic Residency Trained PT, Why Did I Choose To Join Activcore?

I joined Activcore at the start of 2023. I brought with me a specialty in orthopedic physical therapy with a passion for helping athletes get back to their active lives. Here are 5 questions and answers, so that you can get to know me better.


As a Pilates Instructor, Why Did I Choose to Join Activcore?

I officially joined Activcore's teaching team in Atlanta this month. But it feels like I've been here longer as I have been studying both GYROTONIC® and the Redcord suspension system to implement into my performance training sessions. I would like to take this moment to answer some questions so that you can get to know me better.


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Why Did I Choose to Join Activcore?

When I was first accepted into physical therapy school, my goal was to work in an outpatient orthopedic setting. I envisioned treating highly motivated athletes with the latest technologies, helping to provide a meaningful change in their lives. The first two years of my Doctorate level program were focused on academics and research. The third (and final) year was focused on clinical learning through 4 different clinical rotations. Fortunately for me, my last rotation was at Activcore.


3 Simple Exercises to Start Immediately After Having A Baby

You crossed the finish line of your pregnancy journey! Three trimesters of hormone changes and muscles adapting to the changes of load while the baby gradually grows. But what about the "fourth trimester" or postpartum period? Typically our instructions are to rest and let the body recover for 6 weeks after having a baby. However, what if we included gentle exercises as part of that rest and recovery?


Creating 2023, Part 3: New Habits and Next Actions

The new year is just days away. Have you completed a review of 2022 and set your intentions for 2023? The last step in actively creating a 2023 that's aligned with your purpose and priorities is identifying habits and small actions that will support moving toward your vision of the year ahead.


The Twelve Tests of Redcord

I wrote this song while sitting in front of my fireplace listening to Bing Crosby’s Twelve Days of Christmas. I recommend getting inspired by listening to Bing’s version first so you can sync my version to his. Happy holidays from the Activcore family to yours.


Creating 2023, Part 2: Setting Intentions (rather than resolutions)

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions? If so, how successful are you in maintaining the resolutions you set? ‍According to, the statistics aren’t encouraging. After 1 week, 25% of people have already dropped their resolutions. After a month, about a third of people have given up. And at the 6 month point, roughly half of resolutions have been broken.

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