The neuromuscular training your body needs

At Activcore, we believe that high quality physical therapy should help you transition into a regular fitness routine that supports both your recovery and your long-term function. Our performance team works with our physical therapists to help clients continue to optimize their movement so they can stay Active for Life.

Our performance specialists are among the most experienced Pilates, Gyrotonic®, Redcord and Corrective Exercise teachers in the United States. We offer in-person performance training in our Atlanta and Denver locations. We also offer "virtual" online performance training from anywhere across the country.

PRIVATE (1 person)

Unleash your full potential by training with a movement specialist on a one-on-one basis to address any physical imbalances that may be holding you back from feeling, moving, and performing at your absolute best.

DUET (2 people)

Strike the perfect balance between the individual attention of our private sessions, and the energy and camaraderie of our team training environment, while still getting assurance that you’re moving safer, smarter and stronger.

SEMI-PRIVATE (3-4 people)

Reinforce what you’ve learned in the private and duet sessions. It’s fun to workout with others as a team, without compromising on your form, safety, or results. Modifications and variations are offered to accommodate different fitness levels. 


Activcore also offers more than a dozen virtual performance classes each week, and our on-demand membership allows you to choose whether to take your class live or through our on-demand platform.


"I have tried so many things to build up my strength in the past even using personal trainers to help me. I ended up hurting myself and had to stop because my back couldn't take it. Working with Activcore has changed my life and I feel like I am able to finally live the life I only dreamed about. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me achieve this."
- satisfied client

Start elevating your movement health!