The neuromuscular training your body needs

Similar to floating in a pool, the Redcord suspension system creates a "zero-gravity" environment where people of all ages, all sizes, and all abilities can safely exercise with correct form and without pain. It's like aquatic therapy on land.

Redcord brings the "inner gymnast" out of you. Using bungee assistance, we teach you how to properly move, balance and stabilize your own bodyweight into suspended positions, like a plank, pike, dip, or pull-up. These exercises build neuromuscular control across entire chains of muscles (the myofascial chains). With practice and repetition, your whole body will feel more stable and become less susceptible to injury when participating in sports and everyday physical activities.

Redcord is the gold standard in suspension exercise. It gets faster results than ordinary physical therapy and strength training. The difference is felt at a neuromuscular level. When your mind and muscles are fully connected, the effects are extraordinary.

NOTE: All Activcore locations are fully equipped with Redcord.

"I have tried so many things to build up my strength in the past even using personal trainers to help me. I ended up hurting myself and had to stop because my back couldn't take it. Working with Activcore has changed my life and I feel like I am able to finally live the life I only dreamed about. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me achieve this."

- Customer review

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