Dr. Beata Thomas


Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Redcord Trained
  • Vestibular and Concussion Rehab Trained

Beata (“Bea”) Thomas is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who specializes in general orthopedics with special interests in spine disorders, neurological disorders as well as vestibular and concussion rehabilitation. She also treats patients with all levels of lower extremity amputations. She works at Activcore in Princeton, New Jersey, located just 2 miles from Princeton University.

Bea is a polish-native who graduated from Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences with a Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy. After briefly working in Poland as a physiotherapist, she found an opportunity to pursue a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Since graduation, she has been working towards her Maitland Manual Therapy Certification, as well as expanded her knowledge in treating patients with neurological disorders including vestibular and concussion recovery. 

With a background in dance starting in kindergarten, various sports in middle and high school, she developed a true passion for exercise and movement. Becoming a physical therapist allowed her to combine this knowledge and training with a strong interest in helping others recover. 

Bea has special interests in treating spine disorders and enjoys incorporating her manual skills as well as different exercise approaches to restore motion and reduce pain in order to optimize movement patterns. With over 10 years of experience as a physical therapist, Bea recognizes the importance of educating her clients and providing them with tools necessary to take charge in their journey to recovery. Listening and getting to know the person allows her to tailor the treatments to the Individual needs. Bea feels that utilizing the Redcord suspension system will be further beneficial to her patients as means to achieve strong and balanced bodies. 

In her free time, Bea enjoys spending time outside: biking, hiking and playing with her two active children. She loves traveling and believes that the journey of discovering and learning about the world is crucial in creating an open- minded society. She and her husband are passionate about sustainability, which includes minimizing their family’s environmental footprint, buying local produce, and supporting environmental initiatives.

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My Reviews

Activcore has changed my life. After just two sessions and a holistic view of dealing with all joints and muscles, I feel amazingly better. I can again lift my left arm over my head after three years of not being able to (despite previous cortisone shots and traditional PT). My whole body feels stronger, nimbler, and more steady after doing training at home and twice a month at Activcore. Dr. Beata Thomas is amazing and provides personalized training programs that really work wonders. I am so glad I found this place, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Lena S.

Thank you, Dr. Beata Thomas and Activcore, for your expeditious help restoring my mobility and for your knowledgeable assistance in devising an exercise regimen to strengthen my aging body! I couldn't have done it without you!

Michael M.

I used to dread going to PT. After two knee replacements and arthritic issues it was a chore. However, I was introduced to Activcore and Dr. Beata Thomas. She was attentive and knowledgeable about my needs. Redcord suspension was what she recommended and just what I needed. I highly recommend Activcore and Beata!

Daria S.

Activcore is a very different experience from any other physical therapy I have experienced or heard about. Dr. Beata Thomas spent the full hour of each session focused on my injury, body, age and tolerance level. She taught me better ways to walk, stand, get up from sitting and exercise at home, in the pool or at the gym. She also collaborated with a trainer at our local gym who translated her suggestions into specific training programs. Beata is lovely, as is everyone at Activcore. Five stars!!!

Ruth S.

I loved working with Activcore. Dr. Beata Thomas worked with me patiently for months, teaching me exercises and sensitively assessing the way I moved. She also worked with my husband’s gym trainer to show us how to maximize benefits there. Thank you!


I have been having a fantastic experience with Activcore! I'm in the healthcare industry and have been a fan of physical therapy and general wellness routines for many years. Activcore's redcord approach is revolutionary. With limited time, I need treatment and a routine to give me the biggest bang for my buck/time. The workouts that Dr. Bea Thomas put me through to help correct my muscle weaknesses/imbalances worked FAST! What might normally take me many sets, we were able to accomplish sometimes with just one set! I am so pleased with my experiences with Dr. Bea. She was able to diagnose my issues/weaknesses in record time! She gave me areas and exercises to use that nobody else has ever told me. The best part is that THEY WORK!!! I highly recommend this place.

Trevor S.

I entered physical therapy very debilitated due to vestibular migraines which led to dehydration and hospitalization. I was amazed at my rapid improvement when I began to work with Dr. Beata Thomas. I wish I could give Dr. Thomas a 10 Star Google Rating for her knowledge, communication skills, patience, compassion, sense of humor, and deep concern about my well being. I would adopt this charming and competent lady, if I could.

Shirley B.

My husband was required to seek vestibular rehabilitation for vertigo and he worked with Dr. Beata Thomas at the Princeton location. Dr. Thomas was wonderful to work with, extremely knowledgeable and focused on his particular problem. Dr. Thomas also gave him exercises to do at home which helped strengthen his vestibular system and optical responses. He was much improved in just a few sessions. We would highly recommend Dr. Thomas for anyone with vertigo and vestibular system deficiencies.

Carol S.



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