Dr. Chelsea Speegle


Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Pelvic Health Physical Therapist
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPCES)
  • Trigger point dry needling certified
  • Pelvic floor dry needling certified
  • Low Pressure Fitness, Level 1 Trained

Chelsea Speegle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who specializes in pelvic health with a particular interest in helping pregnant and postpartum moms. She also specializes in men’s pelvic health. Chelsea works primarily at Activcore in Littleton, Colorado which is located inside the Womens Health Care Associates OBGYN clinic.

Chelsea decided to become a physical therapist in high school after sustaining and rehabilitating an ACL, medial meniscus, and MCL reconstruction surgery following a wakeboarding accident. She developed osteomyelitis which was identified by her physical therapist. This experience inspired her to become a healthcare professional.

Chelsea graduated from Loma Linda University in Southern California to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She initially began her career working in orthopedics with an emphasis on hip pathology and dysfunction. She began noticing the connection of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, specifically the hip and spine in relation to the pelvic floor. So she decided to pursue advanced training in pelvic health.

Chelsea has taken the pelvic floor series continuing education from Herman and Wallace, including pelvic rehabilitation in athletes and pelvic capstones. She has also received the Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist certification from Corrective Exercise Solutions. Additionally, she has been certified in levels 1 and 2 through Evidence in Motion (EIM) and pelvic floor dry needling through Professional Pelvic Health Consultants (PPHC). She has also been pursuing continued education in relation to men’s pelvic health, specifically erectile dysfunction, from Integrated Pelvic Care. Most recently, she has been learning how to provide pelvic fitness through the teachings of Becky Keller, the nation's leading authority in Low Pressure Fitness.

Chelsea believes in treating the whole body as it relates to the client’s personal goals. She begins with a local approach and progresses globally for an individualized treatment to the client and the related dysfunction. She enjoys working with the pregnancy and postpartum populations, sexual health, and men’s pelvic health. 

In her free time, she enjoys long distance running, snowboarding and snow skiing, water sports, playing the piano, and of course spending time with her husband, boys, and dog.

My Reviews

My experience with Dr. Chelsea Speegle was literally life changing! I never thought I was going to feel normal/comfortable again. But with her help, my body feels the best it has ever felt. I cannot thank her enough. I drove 2 hours round trip to see Chelsea due to living far from her office, but it could not have been more worth it! I saw immediate results after each and every visit, and now I get to enjoy the long term results. Truly so grateful and could not recommend her more.

Lauryn S.

Dr. Chelsea Speegle is amazing! I was a little wary of having pelvic floor therapy. But she put me at ease and invited my partner to help. Within a few visits things were dramatically better!

Diana H.

Dr. Chelsea is amazing! She listens to you and gives you great feedback all in a very comfortable and positive manner!! Just meet with her once and you'll know that you have made the right choice coming to her for help. Highly recommend Activcore!!!

Doree G.

I have been working with Dr. Chelsea Speegle for pelvic floor PT at the Littleton location and could not recommend her higher! I started to see her my first trimester with my second baby due to feeling aches and pains. Within a few sessions my pain is completely gone. Dr. Chelsea Speegle is extremely personable and provides amazing manual skills and leaves me with handouts/exercises that are manageable (especially with a toddler at home!). I am continuing to work with her for birth prep and will definitely be seeking her out postpartum!

Matison D.

I have been seeing Dr. Chelsea Speegle for about 4 months for pelvic floor therapy and she has helped me more than I could have hoped for. In my first appointment she took time to explain what we would be doing and her process, got a detailed understanding of my health/health history, determined some goals for our appointments, and set up a tempo that worked with my schedule and care needs (all of which really set me at ease). Since then we have worked through and improved the issues I was having when I started seeing her. She has provided me with exercises to use at home to continue and maintain my progress, as well as offered me outside support and options in addition to our appointments. Chelsea is a wonderful physical therapist who is focused on providing the best therapy for your individual needs (and adjusting it as needed as you go to get the most out of every appointment). She is professional, compassionate, informative, an active listener, and has incredible emotional intelligence. Since meeting Chelsea and experiencing such great physical therapy and results, I have recommended her and pelvic floor therapy to many other women in my life, especially after seeing results in every appointment and learning so much about pelvic floor health. Highly recommend Chelsea and Activcore!

Sabrina B.

I recently had several PT sessions with Dr. Chelsea Speegle for pelvic floor issues that I have been experiencing for 27 years. I found out about her specific therapy when I was at my annual appointment with Women's Healthcare Associates. Chelsea is very good at listening to physical issues affecting her patients and tries to put together a therapy program that will specifically target those areas that are weak and causing the pelvic pain. After several sessions with Chelsea, I did feel physically better and she also provided me with lesson plans that I could use in my own home. I highly recommend Chelsea to anyone who is experiencing pelvic floor issues no matter what your age.

Maureen R.

Dr. Chelsea Speegle is simply an incredible human and excellent communicator. Not only does she have tremendous knowledge and tools to help you in your pelvic health journey, her bedside manner is phenomenal. She tailors all of her approaches to fit the patient's needs. No topic is taboo. She's absolutely vested in your success. I'm 10 years postpartum and have known I have pelvic floor issues (tight & prolapse). I've had multiple emergency surgeries to my abdomen in the last 3 years that have absolutely wrecked my core and left scar tissue. I've worked with PTs, OBGYNs, dermatologists, and other Pelvic Floor PTs, all with minimal success. After my women's health appointment with a new provider, I was referred to Dr. Chelsea. From my first visit, I knew I had found someone who understood my conditions and how to treat them. From exams, dry needling, fascia release, Redcord, and exercises to do at home, she does it all. Redcord is amazing. I cannot explain why it works; it just does. Dr. Chelsea's services are completely out of pocket (out of network) and can be viewed as expensive. I encourage anyone considering it to view it as an investment in your health. Dr. Chelsea is not in the business of seeing you as an endless revenue source, if you know what I mean. In just 4 months and 9 visits (beginning weekly, then biweekly, to now as needed), I have no more back pain, can rotate my entire torso without sticking points, breath deeply, improved my posture, and now live symptom free. I never imagined feeling this "normal" again. All this to say, I was highly motivated to feel better and get back to doing things I loved (like weightlifting).

Christie V.

I highly recommend Dr. Chelsea for postpartum pelvic floor PT. She is extremely knowledgeable and realistic about goal setting. She provided thorough explanations plus videos and resources for reference at home between appointments. Great communication and all around experience!

Amanda M.

Dr. Chelsea Speegle absolutely changed my life. I have had a handful of PTs over the last several years and have never made as much progress as I did with her. She is prompt, professional, kind and compassionate. I’ve already recommended my family and friends to her! Love the Redcord system also. Highly recommend them!!

Kate J.

Dr. Chelsea Speegle was extremely knowledgeable and helped my tailbone pain immensely. I bruised it 10+ years ago and 2 years after having my first baby I could hardly sit without being in great pain. She took a lot of time listening to my history and came up with a plan for each session that truly made a difference each week. After going a handful of times I felt immeasurably better and learned how I could strengthen my pelvic floor to help any tailbone pain that could arise. I’m so thankful I found her!

Stephanie M.

Dr. Chelsea Speegle is amazing! I credit her for my successful return to exercise and starting to feel like myself again after giving birth. Chelsea is incredibly knowledgeable and emphatic. I would recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy, especially new moms.

Marianne C.

Dr. Chelsea is great! Made me feel comfortable and the treatments helped a ton! I think Chelsea has a great knowledge of what she does. She is also down to earth. I didn’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable to go to the PT sessions. Results have been great and hopefully what I have learned from her goes a long way. Very pleased with the treatment.

Gabrielle P.

Highly recommend Dr. Chelsea Speegle! She was knowledgeable, personable and did an amazing job helping me out of back pain during my third pregnancy trimester.

Amy T.

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found Dr. Chelsea Speegle! After suffering a 4th degree tear during delivery, I was struggling with lots of pelvic pain, strength issues and urgency. Chelsea has been absolutely incredible to work with! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for pelvic therapy for prenatal and/or postpartum care! She immediately made me feel comfortable and was patient as I walked her through my delivery journey. I have been blown away by her professionalism, knowledge and care! With her help, I have made huge strides towards my "old self" and have the strength to get back to my favorite activities. My postpartum journey was challenging both emotionally and physically and I feel beyond thankful to have had Chelsea's support through it all.

Brittany O.

I was so nervous to try pelvic floor therapy after the birth of my daughter but after months of simply hoping things would just go back to normal I got in touch with Dr. Chelsea Speegle. Chelsea immediately made me feel at ease and explained every treatment thoroughly to make sure I was comfortable. She treated me as a whole person and would even step in to work with other ailments that popped up as I got back to my active lifestyle. Along the way, Chelsea became a friend and confidant. Chelsea single handedly put the broken pieces of my body back together and got me back to running. I would recommend her to anyone!

Ellen D.

I saw Dr. Chelsea Speegle for treatment of my SI joint and sacrum pain during my pregnancy. I was barely able to walk into our first appointment. I was in so much pain. She gave me a comprehensive assessment and helped me understand my body and why I was feeling pain. We did 6 back to back weekly sessions of dry needling, deep tissue work and core exercises, then she would give me exercises to work on at home. My pain is now down to zero and I now have the body awareness/knowledge and the exercises to keep it that way. I would highly recommend Chelsea to anyone with back/hip/pelvic floor pain, especially if you are pregnant. Will definitely come back postpartum.

Emily S.



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