Georgia Dalton


Performance Specialist

  • Licensed Gyrotonic Instructor
  • Professional Ballet Dancer

Georgia Dalton is a performance specialist at Activcore who enjoys helping dancers and other active populations stay healthy and strong. She works at the Activcore studio in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

‍Georgia graduated from The Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ballet and Outside Field in Marketing. She went on to dance professionally with The Boston Ballet for two seasons. In 2020, Georgia moved to Atlanta to join The Atlanta Ballet and is currently dancing as a Company Artist for a third season. Georgia trained under Gyrotonic Master Trainer, Jessica Gowen, and received her Gyrotonic certification in 2022.

In pursuit of a professional ballet career, Georgia’s life naturally became centered around health and wellness. Constantly looking for new forms of cross training to supplement her ballet technique, she discovered the Gyrotonic Expansion System while dancing with The Boston Ballet. She immediately recognized the benefits of the exercise thus sparking a desire to learn more and be able to share the gift of this movement with others.

Being able to work one-on-one with your instructor is an aspect of Gyrotonic classes that makes it so unique. In her sessions, Georgia loves customizing a workout tailored to each client’s body and wellness goals. She is particularly passionate about applying her extensive knowledge of classical ballet technique into her Gyrotonic sessions with dancers.

Georgia joined Activcore in 2022 after completing her certification, under Gyrotonic Master Trainer Jessica Gowen. It was a perfect fit. In addition to working at Activcore and dancing ballet, Georgia enjoys being out in nature and connecting with family and friends.

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