Haley Erbe


Client Engagement Leader

Haley Erbe makes everyone’s day brighter and better. She works at the front desk at Activcore Princeton, located just 2 miles from Princeton University.

Haley studied Photography in school and has worked in the customer service industry for over 15 years. She joined Activcore as a Client Engagement Leader in early 2022. Her favorite thing about working in this environment are the clients who have become lifelong friends and confidants. She also enjoys her teammates who are some of the friendliest people she has ever had the pleasure to meet. Seeing how physical and mental health are intricately tied together has inspired Haley to work alongside these physical therapists and fitness trainers.

When not at Activcore, you will find Haley outdoors. She is a big nature lover which includes hiking, biking, disc golfing, or kayaking at one of the Garden State’s many beautiful parks. If you need trail recommendations, she's your gal!

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My Reviews

Activcore Princeton is a must for anyone interested in improving their mobility and decreasing their lumbar and hip pain. They offer a range of sessions from 1-on-1 physical therapy to group yoga and hypopressive classes. And best of all they have friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff! From Haley at the front desk to Dr. Jason (my PT) and Kristi (my yoga instructor) to Tyler, Bea and Adrienne. The Redcord suspension exercises focus on particular muscles, so that you work those instead of compensating with the stronger ones. Jason tailors my program to not only my needs but how I’m presenting each session. He has me do a starting series of exercises, then modifies the workout accordingly to work inner hips, outer hips, lumbar area, adductors, abductors, core and more. It’s like a mix of PT and workout which is great to stretch and strengthen key muscles! So glad they are here and I highly recommend them!!

Steve W.

The Activcore team has been more than accommodating to help work with my schedule, including last minute appointments when we were really in need. Thank you, Haley Erbe, for putting such a personalized touch on how you meet with and schedule clients!

Frank G.

Rehabbing my lower back at Activcore was physical therapy like no other. My PT spent the entire hour working with me, helping me perform exercises that isolated the muscles that needed strengthening so my back could heal. I have walked away with the tools, knowledge and confidence that I need to keep myself healthy. I will always be grateful for taking the advice of a friend and making that first phone call to book an appointment at Activcore. Saying goodbye to Dr. Steve, Tyler and Haley was bittersweet.

Pam D.

The front desk staff at Activcore are great. They are on top of their game. Definitely recommend.




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