Jeffery Duffy


Performance Specialist

  • Licensed Gyrotonic Instructor
  • Professional Dancer
  • Graduate of The Juilliard School

Jeffery Duffy is an experienced Gyrotonic Instructor and professional dancer who enjoys working with athletic populations at any level. He works at Activcore in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

Jeffery is a native ATLien. He grew up playing sports, and funny enough, he approaches dance and movement with an athlete's mindset.

Jeffery graduated from The Juilliard School with a BFA in Dance and a competitive Entrepreneurship Grant. Then he went on to dance professionally with Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago where he received a Princess Grace Fellowship. While dancing, he also ran his Gyrotonic practice out of the Chicago Center For Body Movement which is under the ownership of Davi Edlebeck.‍

Following his time in Chicago, Jeffery began the First National Tour of HAMILTON. While touring, he took the initiative to connect with Gyrotonic Master Trainers from all over the country, while also continuing his training. His Gyrotonic practice has been critical in maintaining a healthy mind and body throughout his career.

Jeffery always wanted his talents to benefit more folks than himself in the most real way. Throughout his career, he has overcome injuries and discovered new pathways to movement that are predicated on healing and overcoming physical challenges with no lag in explosiveness. He closely followed his healing process and spoke at length with Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Acupuncture practitioners, Reiki masters, etc.

Jeffery educated himself on the latest observations in neural plasticity and recognized a lot of similarities in his own healing. This offered him a well-rounded and unique perspective when it came to helping his clients. One thing we all share is MOVEMENT. After thumbing through different modalities of healing and cross training, he was introduced to the Gyrotonic method through a training program at the Juilliard School. With a few sessions under his belt, he continued to excel in his craft, and injuries became few and far between. If it could help him, he could inspire others. And so he did.

Jeffery's approach is “easy like Sunday morning.” He wants his clients to feel like they can accomplish anything (which they can with a little effort). The only way to maximize that potential is to create a calm healing environment. From there, he challenges the clients to reach for a few more reps and discover a deeper sense of movement, beyond the superficial. By the end of the session, he likes to leave his clients with a better awareness of their own bodies, and a clearer path for them to heal themselves.

Jeffery works well with most folks regardless of their background. His target populations are athletes at any level, and older males looking to move easier in daily functional activities.

When not teaching, Jeffery enjoys live sports, live art, cooking, traveling, and being with his family.

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