Lillie Johnson


Performance Specialist

  • Certified Pilates Instructor

Lillie Johnson is a performance specialist at Activcore with certifications in Pilates. She works at the Activcore studio in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

Lillie is an Atlanta native, born and raised in Decatur, GA. She left Atlanta for several years to pursue acting in New York City, where she graduated with highest honors from The New School University with a BA in Theater and Hispanic Studies. Lillie enjoys learning about people and their stories, beyond the world of acting. Her interest in people naturally led her to studying Pilates because of the one on one interactions with clients. Lillie completed her training at the world renowned Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.

Lillie’s own experience of chronic pain and injuries, and the healing she gained from practicing Pilates, gives her a desire to use Pilates as a tool for other people’s healing journeys. She will never forget how relaxed and strong her body felt after her first Pilates lesson. Previously, the idea of living without chronic pain seemed unthinkable. Her love of being a Pilates client grew into a desire to become a certified teacher. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing a client transform. Her background in the arts helps her find creative ways of working with people. She wants each client to feel their absolute best so that they can lead enjoyable and fulfilling lives.

Outside of Pilates and acting, Lillie is passionate about travel and has traveled the world on her own. She also enjoys hiking, camping, meditation, and improv comedy. Since 2007, Lillie has been on the board of directors for a leadership training summer camp for teens in Colorado, Nova Scotia, and France. She finds great delight and satisfaction from mentoring young people and being in the great outdoors.

My Reviews

I have been taking Pilates lessons at Activcore for the past 8 months and have loved it! Parking is easy, the space is beautiful and the staff all seem very happy to be there. I work with Kristen Rubino, Lillie Johnson, and Tess Kuether. All of these Pilates Instructors have wonderful qualities that make sessions with them challenging, rewarding and educational. I would highly recommend booking appointments with any of them. I have worked with other Pilates instructors who are at Activcore and think they are phenomenal, too. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. This is definitely money well spent!

Mary S.



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