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Pioneering Cash Based PT: A Lesson for Growing Your Practice

The year was 1976. My parents decided to drive me, my sister, and our dog from New York to start a new life in Arizona. When we finally got there, we opened our first pizza restaurant within a shopping mall. This was a new concept back then so we we felt like pioneers.

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Creating the Ultimate Physical Therapy Experience: Step 5, Work Your Referrals

Building a trusted relationship can also inspire clients to become your brand ambassador. The question is, what are you doing to leverage the relationship you’ve worked so hard to establish?‍

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Creating the Ultimate Physical Therapy Experience: Step 4, Obsess About Outcomes

In the first three parts of this blog series, we discussed the definition of value and how to build it through each phase of the customer experience. We also explained how to nail that first visit. Now that we’ve got their attention, delivering superior results is absolutely critical for long-term success of the practice. After all, clients are ultimately paying for an outcome.

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Creating the Ultimate Physical Therapy Experience: Step 3, Nail the First Visit

When you exceed expectations at every touch, customers feel like you are worthy of their time and money. They tend to be more willing to go outside of their insurance network, pay cash, and tell everyone around them about you. On the contrary, if you miss the mark at any point, their perceived value of your service can suffer.

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Creating the Ultimate Physical Therapy Experience: Step 2, Optimize the First Impression (virtually)

In today's post, I am going to discuss how first impressions influence value.‍ Even before they set foot in your clinic, prospective clients must be convinced that your services are worth at least as much as your asking price. Otherwise, they will find a physical therapist who is willing to charge less than you charge, or a cash-based physical therapist who can create more perceived value than you can.

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Creating the Ultimate Physical Therapy Experience: Step 1, Drive Value

“How do I convince my patients that the service I deliver is worth the price?” This is a question we often hear from physical therapists who want to rely less on insurance and more on cash.

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Why Out-of-Network Physical Therapy Can’t Be Served Like a $1 Cup of Coffee

Starbucks was a powerhouse brand in the new millennium, constantly opening up new locations and expanding their product offerings. But, after the housing bubble burst and the financial sector collapsed in 2008, people suddenly began to question the wisdom of spending $5 for a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. After all, you could get a cup of coffee at McDonalds for just a buck.

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The Real Reason Your PT is Having You Do 3 Sets of 10

When you’re in physical therapy school, the professors fill you with pride. “You’re a Doctor of Physical Therapy,” they said. They encourage continuing education and research so you can deliver the most innovative, evidence-based care possible. “Never tell your patients to do 3 sets of 10,” they instructed. A physical therapist should appropriately dose each exercise to maximize strength gains and minimize recovery time.

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Growing Your Physical Therapy Practice Through Storytelling

The competitive landscape of physical therapy has drastically changed over the past decade. In order to survive, you have to separate yourself from the countless PT chains, hospital based clinics, and physician owned PT practices out there. Besides offering a distinct treatment approach, like we do at Activcore, there’s one essential ingredient in the customer service recipe that most physical therapists leave out. By overlooking this important detail, you could be missing an opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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Physical Therapists are Playing On An Uneven Field. Are You Ready For A New Game?

When the keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk, at the 2015 APTA Private Practice Section Conference asked an audience of more than 1000 practice owners if they were happy about the financial success of their business, only about 25 people raised their hands.

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