Are you experiencing any type of incontinence? Bowel and bladder function can be affected by many factors such as diet, lifestyle, behavior, psychological factors, and muscle functioning. Dysfunction in the pelvic floor can lead to and contribute to bowel and bladder issues. Many diagnoses are treatable through pelvic health physical therapy.

What happens when your bowel & bladder get in the way of enjoying life?

• Pelvic, back or abdominal pain
• Decreased body awareness
• Core weakness

• Pelvic floor weakness
• Lack of muscular coordination
• Postural imbalances

While these symptoms are common, they are not normal and could be a sign of having pelvic floor dysfunction. This is defined as an impaired ability to control (tighten and relax) your pelvic floor muscles. If this sounds like you, click here to get help now.


How can Activcore help?

Pelvic health is typically not a big part of a physical therapist’s education. It is a specialization requiring much further study, training and practice following graduation.

Activcore physical therapists are uniquely qualified to assess and treat pelvic floor dysfunction. They go beyond the pelvic floor and look at the whole body. Equipped with the Redcord suspension system and other industry leading tools, they are specially trained to optimize how your mind and pelvis work together so that you can regain control of your body.

You’re never just a number at Activcore. You will have your own dedicated pelvic health physical therapist (not an aide) by your side throughout every session. In a private office setting, your physical therapist will perform a comprehensive physical exam and movement screen to help determine the underlying root cause of your pelvic health condition. Together, you and your provider will then develop and commit to a plan of care tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and goals.

You will feel the Activcore difference from your first visit. This is a highly personalized experience applying the latest breakthrough techniques in pelvic health, such as pelvic floor muscle retraining, trigger point dry needling, manual therapy (myofascial release), neuromuscular activation, and biofeedback. You will also receive a home exercise program customized just for you. Once your pain has been addressed, you will have the opportunity to continue honing your movement through Activcore's Low Pressure Fitness program.

We Treat

• Stress urinary incontinence
• Urge urinary incontinence
• Constipation
• Fecal incontinence
• Difficulty holding back gas
• Straining to void

• Double voiding 
• Crohn’s Disease 
• IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
• Endometriosis
• Pelvic girdle pain
• Anismus 

"I have been so happy with the Activcore experience. My physical therapist helped me immensely with my bladder and pelvic floor issues. She was upbeat and encouraging, easy to talk to, and never made me feel uncomfortable even discussing very private matters. I looked forward to our therapy sessions and have sung her praises to many of my friends. Activcore changed my life!"

—‍ customer review