Keeping you safe is our #1 priority

With the ever changing landscape, please contact your local Activcore center for the most up-to-date COVID safety practices.

We have implemented some essential steps to help create a safe environment for you. We monitor our facilities to ensure our staff and clients are healthy. Anyone feeling any symptoms of illness will be asked to stay home until their symptoms subside. If they test positive for COVID-19 or the flu, the CDC recommends quarantining for 10 days.

Our employees have been educated on hand hygiene and universal precautions, and we are ensuring that we have adequate supplies in our facilities. We have reinforced best practices related to monitoring and protecting each other's health, such as...

Wearing masks or facial coverings at all times. Staff will be wearing masks and clients will be asked to wear facial coverings. Clients should bring their own mask or facial coverings with them.

Cleaning and disinfecting regularly and thoroughly. We clean in between every client session, including changing any linens (pillow cases, towels, sheets, etc.) we use. We have intensified our cleaning and disinfecting procedures of all surfaces by increasing frequency and using CDC-approved sanitizing solutions. This involves the cleaning that each member of our team is responsible for, as well as a professional cleaning team that deep cleans the center weekly.

Staggering appointments.  This will provide ample time for cleaning in between appointments, minimize client contact, and enable easier adherence to social distancing guidelines.

Screening each client before appointments and canceling appointments for those who are experiencing any symptoms or who may have been exposed. We are contacting each client to ask about possible exposure, illness, and access to face coverings prior to attendance.  Additionally, clients will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire, and have their temperature checked at each appointment.

Requiring that clients use hand sanitizer and/or wash their hands.  We will request that every client do this upon entering and leaving the center.

Educating every member of our team about COVID-19. We are regularly educating and updating our clinical and administrative staff with information from trusted sources such as the CDC and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Limiting traffic in the center by requesting that only clients enter.  Limiting the number of individuals who enter our facility to only those receiving services (when possible) will reduce risk of exposure and enable more effective social distancing.

We may schedule your appointment two weeks out if you have tested positive for COVID and/or are experiencing flu-like or upper respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

As a reminder, the most effective way to stay healthy is through best practices to minimize the spread of infectious disease. The CDC recommends the following to prevent illness:



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