A Safe, Inclusive Space for Physical Therapy

It is our goal at Activcore to provide a safe, inclusive space so that all people can feel comfortable, accepted, and motivated to achieve their goals. We recognize the need for the LGBTQ+ community to have a place in the practice that they feel is both accessible and able to meet their individual needs.

Our areas of specialization

• Pelvic Health
• Sexual Dysfunction
• Breast Cancer Rehab

• Prostate Cancer Rehab
• Gender Affirming Surgery Aftercare
• Pregnancy & postpartum

Activcore team members have pursued advanced post-graduate training in the treatment of LGBTQ+ specific musculoskeletal and pelvic floor dysfunctions so as best to serve the needs of this population.


How can Activcore help?

Activcore physical therapists have undergone advanced training to provide treatment specific to the needs of the LGBTQ+ population. Our physical therapists are qualified to evaluate the musculoskeletal system inclusive of the pelvic floor and use these findings to create a treatment plan for optimal health and wellness. At Activcore, each visit is 1:1 and utilizes the Redcord Neurac system which is utilized to identify imbalances in muscle recruitment and retrain muscles to fire at the right time with the right amount of force.

We Treat

• Post-operative care for gender-affirming surgeries
• Musculoskeletal dysfunctions
• Low back pain

• Sexual dysfunction
• Pelvic floor dysfunction (bowel, bladder, pain)

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