Good posture is about more than just being able to sit up straight. It is what allows you to use your body in the most efficient way, whether you are sitting, standing, or moving around. An ideal posture will put your muscles and joints in an optimal position for good quality movement without pain. For example, see how high you can lift your arms when you are slouching forward. Now, sit up tall and try again. Most people will find that they can lift their arms much higher when they are not slouching. This is because the spine is in a better position to allow shoulder movement. There will be some individual variation in what ideal posture looks like for each person, but here on some general things to look for:

There are many reasons why our posture can get out of balance. Some of these reasons are lifestyle related (e.g. sitting for long periods of time, slouching to see a computer screen, or carrying around a heavy backpack all day), but sometimes postural changes are caused by conditions outside of our control, such as scoliosis. 

Scoliosis is a condition that changes the shape of the natural curve in the spine. The spine may appear to have an “s” or a “c” shape even when the person is standing up straight. This abnormal curvature causes changes to one’s trunk alignment, posture, and movement patterns. It can also cause muscle imbalances leading to loss of strength and flexibility and/or pain.

What happens when your spine gets in the way of enjoying life?

•  Decreased flexibility and range of motion
•  Decreased strength
•  Decreased balance

•  Neck or back pain
•  Headaches
•  TMJ dysfunction

While these signs and symptoms are common for those with scoliosis or postural changes, they shouldn't become your new normal. If this sounds like you, click here to get help now.


How can Activcore help?

Physical limitations that arise from scoliosis and postural changes are different for each individual and will require a highly individualized treatment plan. At Activcore, you will be matched with a physical therapist who specializes in treating scoliosis and postural problems. Equipped with the Redcord Suspension System, they are specially trained to optimize how your mind and muscles work together so that you can regain control of your body.

Activcore physical therapists assess how you move as it relates to your active lifestyle. They apply a holistic approach to identify not only the site of injury, but the true source of any pain, weakness and dysfunction. Addressing the underlying cause is absolutely essential for healing an injury, preventing recurrence, and keeping you healthy and at a peak level of performance. The progression of your physical therapy treatments should be a reflection of the type of activity you are trying to get back to doing.

You will feel the Activcore difference from your first visit. This is a highly personalized experience applying the latest breakthrough techniques, such as neuromuscular activation, postural muscle retraining, trigger point dry needling, and myofascial release. You will also receive a home exercise program customized just for you.

"I had been trying to work my way through injury and pain for a couple of years when I came upon Activcore. As I am sure many can relate I was stuck being bounced around from surgeons to specialists to physical therapists without relief and worsening of symptoms. This had been going on for about two years when I started treatment here. My very first visit, I could feel some relief. I won't lie; I cried a little bit on my way home knowing that I had found something that was going to work for me. Their approach to correcting dysfunction is methodical. After not being able to sleep on my side for two years, I began to be able to half way through my care. I also came in not being able to practice yoga, which I had previously practiced several times per week. I am now not only able to do Yoga, but AcroYoga as well!"

—‍ customer review