Optimizing your mind-muscle connection

Activcore takes a distinct neuromuscular approach to physical therapy and performance. A proven technique that has been practiced for more than 25 years and peer-reviewed with over 100 published research studies worldwide.


The problem

Neuromuscular Deactivation

Many physical events (injury, illness, surgery, inactivity, pregnancy, etc.) can alter your brain’s capacity to switch on the right muscles, at the right time, and with the right amount of strength. Known as neuromuscular deactivation, this loss of muscle control impairs your ability to properly stabilize joint motions. It can disrupt how you recover from injury and trauma, and even how you regulate normal bodily processes like voiding.

With neuromuscular deactivation, other muscles tend to take over and compensate for the loss of muscle control. This creates a vicious cycle that eventually leads to pain, weakness and dysfunction.

It is essential to reverse the cycle by restoring neuromuscular control. That's where Activcore comes in.

Common sources of muscle control issues

  • Sports and repetitive use Sports and repetitive use
  • Injury and pain Injury and pain
  • Surgery and medication Surgery and medication
  • Sedentary lifestyle Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor posture Poor posture
  • Pregnancy and childbirth Pregnancy and childbirth

The solution

Neuromuscular activation

Utilizing the Redcord suspension system, your physical therapist has a unique ability to offload your body weight to allow for precise, pain-free movements. Similar to floating in water, this creates an environment of 'controlled instability' ideal for correcting any underlying motor control issues contributing to the root cause of your pain and dysfunction.

Neuromuscular activation is like flipping on a light switch to muscles that have been dimmed due to pain and injury. With each exercise, you can accelerate motor learning enabling neurons in your brain to be more energized and more efficient at doing their job. When your mind and muscles are fully connected, the effects are unrivaled.

Activcore is proud to be recognized as a leading authority in neuromuscular activation. All Activcore providers are specially trained in use of the Redcord suspension system — the preeminent tool and method for delivering neuromuscular activation.

The purpose of neuromuscular activation is to retrain how your mind and muscles work together for a smarter, balanced body. Suspension exercises demand total body awareness, core strength, and muscle control. There are slings and bungee cords to assist you with each precise movement pattern.

Neuromuscular activation is an evidence-based technique that delivers real results faster than conventional strength training. The difference is neurological, like turning on a light switch to your dormant stabilizing muscles.