Dr. Ashley Newton


New Jersey

Center Director | Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Pelvic Health Certified
  • LYT® Yoga Instructor
  • Redcord® Provider

Ashley Newton is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Evidence In Motion Pelvic Health Certified (PHC) practitioner with a special interest in adult pelvic floor issues and yoga-related injuries. She works at Activcore in Princeton, NJ, located just 2 miles from Princeton University.

Ashley graduated from The College of New Jersey with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and from Rutgers University with her doctorate in physical therapy. While in college, she achieved her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from YogaStream, a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. She also has advanced post-graduate training in the treatment of issues surrounding pelvic health via Evidence in Motion and the Herman and Wallace Rehabilitation Institute.

Ashley is passionate about creating a safe, inclusive environment for all her patients and optimizing care to reflect each patient’s personal health and wellness goals. Ashley treats all people regardless of their sex or gender identity and has a special interest in addressing pelvic pain conditions and helping yoga practitioners optimize their movement.

As a practitioner, Ashley regards the pelvic floor as part of an integrated whole and carries this mentality forward in treatment plans designed to optimize health, wellness, and participation. Ashley has developed her skills as an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist as well as a yoga teacher and combines her diverse educational backgrounds to treat you from head to toe.

After being introduced to the functional anatomy of yoga and receiving her teacher certification, she was inspired to pursue a career in physical therapy so that she could be a steward of safe, functional movement education. Her interest in pelvic health physical therapy was sparked when she unfortunately suffered a hip injury that manifested as a pelvic girdle pain condition. Frustrated that there was little information and guidance on the treatment of this condition, Ashley was motivated to pursue an education in pelvic health physical therapy to be an educator for both her patients as well as her colleagues on the prevalence of these conditions. In efforts to provide informed, inclusive care to all, Ashley has attended the Trans Wellness Conference in Philadelphia and has spoken on the importance of pelvic health on the podcast Redefining Yoga: A Movement by Lara podcast.

Ashley maintains an active lifestyle based in yoga, meditation, and backpacking. She especially enjoys cooking and developing dishes from whole food ingredients for her family. Her personal goal is to reduce her home’s waste and environmental impact to the best of her ability as well as create new, interesting dishes from plant-based ingredients.

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Dr. Ashley Newton Teaches LYT Yoga® Class for Pelvic Health

Dr. Ashley Newton now teaches a weekly 60-minute LYT Yoga® Class for Pelvic Health via Zoom every Friday morning. This online class is designed to weave pelvic health concepts into the LYT framework. Concepts that are focused on include: coordination of breathing, pelvic floor contraction and relaxation, and core stabilization within the yoga flow.


My Reviews

I had the very good fortune to have Dr. Ashley Newton as my physical therapist for treatment of a bad hip. Her work was amazing! She knew every aspect of my problem and how to address it and help me recover for several months of strengthening, increasing balance and flexibility, and activating my core. Ashley knew my body more than I did myself. You can be sure that she will help you in every possible way to overcome your pain and regain the life you want!

Eric M.

I'm a working mother of two, and I suffer from chronic pain. In the last ten years, I have had many doctors visits that didn't help at all. After years of trying to find a reason or solution and gritting my teeth through the pain, I finally got to the point where I could hardly straighten my spine. I first worked with Shawn Tepper-Levine (Osteopath) who led me to Dr. Adrienne Jensen and Dr. Ashley Newton. They were an incredible team, working together to diagnose and treat each aspect of my pain. They were patient and compassionate, but also challenged me to address my fears. They worked to understand my individual journey, and helped me create a plan. The outcomes were better than expected. I am not completely out of pain. But when I have flare-ups, I now have the tools to get me out of pain. I don't want to say it's a miracle, because it's not – it's physics, a deep understanding of anatomy, and motivation, and hard work! But I am here to say, what Dr. Adrienne and Dr. Ashley have done for me feels like a miracle. I have learned it's never too late to put energy into healing, and I am grateful for my team.

Colby C.

My body is finally back to pre-pregnancy strength thanks to the Activcore dream team: Dr. Ashley Newton who properly diagnosed the pelvic floor issues and started me off on the strength training plan, and Dr. Molly Weingart who saw it through to the last day when I was able to safely run again. The level of empathy, sensitivity to your needs and mental state, and ability to listen and be honest with clients were key to the results. Dr. Molly especially had great judgment on when to push me to the next level that we never had to pull back from progress. As for progress, I went into Activcore limping on day 1 to jogging in their parking lot after a handful of sessions on my discharge day. No issues with the pleasant front desk and office team who made it zero stress and easy to set up or alter appointments + get payments processed in real time, because paperwork is the last thing you want to think about when you're in pain. I highly recommend consulting with Activcore especially if you're a soon-to-be or new mother experiencing any pelvic pain in your journey. This is a great local resource that will get you back on your feet to tackle all the fun stuff motherhood throws at you.

Giselle M.

I attended Activcore Physical Therapy in Princeton, NJ and worked specifically with Dr. Ashley Newton. Of all the physical therapists I have worked with in the past (at other places), she is hands down the best. She is equally passionate about her craft as she is caring, strategic, and flexible. I was in a great deal of pain for months prior to my sessions and she helped me get my life back! She is very good at taking complex anatomy and kinesiology concepts and breaking them down into clear explanations, sketches, print outs, and video examples available via an app. She helped me understand my source of pain and the necessary activities needed to address it. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I highly recommend Activcore to anyone requiring Physical Therapy services. It is a very professional and clean environment.

Darius F.

I have just finished my PT treatment at Activcore with Dr. Ashley Newton. I started PT with sciatic pain and have had history of 2 back surgeries and hip replacement and was trying to avoid further surgery. I strongly recommend Activcore as I am now able to move pain free. The unique aspect of this PT is that you have the full attention of your therapist for the whole session. I have had PT in the past with other providers who book several patients to treat during the session. This one- on- one focus allows for greater results. Since the staff have their doctorates, they are able to treat additional issues (if they occur) without the need for scripts from medical doctors. Dr. Newton gave me print outs of exercises that I can do on my own at home and made sure I understood how to do them. During the session, she explained what we were doing and why, so I felt educated about the cause of the pain and the body mechanics needed to address it. The red cord approach is not difficult and is adjusted to support the needs of the patient. I consider it the best investment I have ever made for my health!

Chris M.

Activcore physical therapists are very professional, and so far as I can see, very experienced. During my many sessions I've been able to observe the other therapists and am impressed. The therapist who has been working on me, Dr. Ashley Newton, is effective and enjoyable to spend time with. Even through some tough workouts. Ashley is patient and accommodating while sticking to the target performance goals. I'm going back for a follow up evaluation to see how her work and the exercises she gave me are improving my core development and improvement. Everyone wears masks and follows procedure, so even though I am at high risk I feel entirely comfortable during the sessions.

Jonn L.

Friendly, accommodating staff, professional atmosphere, and very knowledgeable. Ashley takes the time to explain everything.

Hillary N.

The visit was very informative and through. I have been to other offices and never had a solid hour visit of one on one therapy. My therapist, Ashley Newton, listened to everything I said and did not dismiss any of my concerns. She truly was evaluating everything and developing an individual plan for my specific issues.

Irene B.

I'm constantly impressed with the knowledge and skills of every physical therapist I've been seen by at Activcore. Treatment from the new Pelvic Wellness Physical Therapist, Ashley Newton, has been such a Blessing for me. My condition had been misdiagnosed at other physical therapy centers and the underlying problems were never addressed. She has pinpointed the structural issues and begun a very effective treatment plan for me.

Sharon A.



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