Dr. Jason Goncalves

New Jersey

Physical Therapist | Doctor of Physical Therapy | Owner (Scotch Plains)

  • PT - Physical Therapist
  • DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • TPI - Titleist Performance Institute Golf Medical certified
  • Redcord Neurac trained

Dr. Jason Goncalves was determined to find a physical therapy practice that gave his client’s the time and attention he always knew they deserved. During his final clinical rotation as a student physical therapist, he was exposed to the 1-to-1 treatment model at Activcore and has not looked back since.

Jason earned his clinical Doctorate in Physical therapy from Rutgers University where he earned highest awards for outstanding academic and clinical excellence in the field of physical therapy. Jason has a special interest in fitness and athletics and prides himself on helping his clients reach their goals. Jason earned his clinical Doctorate in Physical therapy from Rutgers University where he earned highest awards for outstanding academic and clinical excellence in the field of physical therapy.

Jason has a special interest in fitness and athletics and prides himself on helping his clients reach their goals.


  • Rutgers University, Doctorate in Physical Therapy, 2015


  • Outstanding Academic Excellence in DPT program, Rutgers University
  • Outstanding Clinical Excellence in DPT program, Rutgers University

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I had a great experience with Jason and Activcore to rehab my right leg and my core after having surgery on my hip a few years ago. Jason is a terrific physical therapist and worked with me for three months as I trained to recover some lost strength and stability after my surgery. I found him to be very professional and an honest person to work with, and am very happy with the progress we made together. After the three months of PT, which uses the Redcord system to unload, stabilize and focus different parts of the body, I felt that I achieved my goal of creating more symmetry between my left and right side. I definitely got stronger without experiencing pain and think that the system actually works. Overall, I had a very good experience and highly recommend working with Jason.

Jason Y.

Activcore is great and Jason is an incredible P.T. and one of the best doctors I’ve been treated by. He made a huge difference for my health and lifestyle. For several years I had been treated by several PTs (didn’t use Redcord) who could not help me with my running injury. I was in constant pain and could not even sleep on my right side. I had given up hope but decided to try Activcore. The redcord suspension system works so well! Jason put in the time and effort to help figure out my issue. He is incredibly kind and even years later he still checks in because he genuinely cares. It’s been several years and I no longer live in constant pain. I will always be so thankful for the amazing treatment I received from Jason!!!

C. Lang

I had leg pain for years from Marathon training. Several of my club friends referred Jason to me as someone who "does miracles". My pain disappeared quickly after the treatment. During the treatment, he also equipped me with a lot of knowledge that enables me to work on my own. Jason is also a very smart and nice person to work with. He makes every session a pleasant one hour experience. I would recommend him to anybody who experiences any sort of body pain.

Ji Q.

I had pretty much given up hope on physical therapy and had an appointment scheduled with a back surgeon. That was until Jason was recommended to me by a friend. After one session I could tell immediately that his approach was different and that it was already working. Now 6 sessions in, I’ve been able to return to my job, return to exercising, and most importantly return to feeling optimistic again. I truly cannot recommend Jason enough and I don’t know where I would be without him.

Samuel V.

I started therapy at Activcore to address my chronic back pain and overall core weakness from my pregnancies. I honestly dragged my feet for a long time and suffered through the pain because the physical therapy I've tried in the past was such a time commitment and progress felt excruciatingly slow for this type of issue. I felt like i would spend 80% of those session working on independent exercises and stretches that I could have just as easily done at home. Figuring out the time to get out of the house with young kids at home is complicated enough that I quickly get frustrated when my time is not used efficiently. I really appreciate that this is one on one therapy and its all things that I can only do because of this support, so I am able to push myself while I'm there, while still progressing with stretches and exercises at home. Plus, Jason is very nice and knowledgeable. I definitely feel like my decision to try something a bit non-traditional was the right decision for me.

Gina S.

My experience at Activcore Scotch Plains was excellent.  I worked with Dr. Jason Goncalves starting in November.  When I started therapy I had severe iliotibial band syndrome resulting in a terrible limp. The pain had gotten so bad that it awoke me from sleep.  I purchased over the counter knee orthotics but eventually I developed hip pain and thought it was time to try physical therapy. Therapy involved deep tissue massage, stretching and red cord for strengthening. After the first session the pain was improved and after several sessions was completely gone.  The application with the video exercises for home is very helpful. I will continue therapy so that I can get back to running and increase my overall fitness. Thanks Jason.

Penny S.

I'm someone who's never had high quality movement and never could touch my toes. I also have lower back pain from injuries.  After just a month of working with Jason I was able to not just touch my toes, but my entire quality of life has gotten much better from a movement standpoint. I can run, jump, lift, and most important play with my kid and I owe all of it to Dr. Jason. I look forward to going to the gym now because I'm going to be pain free

Alan V.

Something positive comes out of something negative... I am SO glad I was directed here after having severe knee pain when recovering from an ankle fracture. Jason is extremely knowledgeable (and is even furthering his education) and has been able to provide me exercises to work pretty much my entire body to relieve my knee pain and ankle sensitivity.  He genuinely demonstrates a sincere desire to help me feel better.  It's a true pleasure to have one-on-one therapy, a friendly and knowledgeable therapist, and equipment that you cannot really find anywhere else. HIGHLY recommended for any sort of issue you may be having...

Sarah B.

I came to Activcore after a tough shoulder surgery and other physical therapy wasn't getting me the rehab results I wanted. Since coming here I have seen great results- from not having complete range of motion in my shoulder joint to returning to all physical activity plus confidence and strength in the shoulder. The one-on-one attention makes it so easy to customize my treatment plan for how I am feeling that day. On top of that, Jason is always finding new ways to advance or better the treatment by incorporating a variety of different approaches.

I highly recommend Jason for any issues you might have!

Anna L.

After Total Knee Replacement and 3 months of conventional PT I was stuck with poor range of motion and in a great deal of pain. I walked with a limp, had excruciating lower back pain, my knee would no longer straighten, and my bending range was far from optimal. I was not able to walk up and down stairs or do many of my daily activities and I was exhausted from pain and lack of sleep. My expectation of life being significantly better after TKR was shattered. A friend talked to me about trying a different approach to physical therapy with Activcore. I was pleased to find that Dr. Jason Goncalves has an Activcore office in Scotch Plains not far from me.

At my consultation with Jason I was in pain, frustrated, and discouraged with my recovery. He was patient with me and gave me hope that things would change. I’ve gone from dreading physical therapy to looking forward to it. I started feeling better from day 1 and in just 3 weeks working with Jason I’ve made significant improvement and feel hopeful about reaching my goals of full recovery. He’s helped me straighten my knee, improve my gait drastically, alleviate my back pain, and has been tenacious and creative in helping me to make steady gains with my bending range. With Red Cord Therapy Jason is helping me to strengthen muscles that I hadn’t been using from compensating for so many years. I am always amazed at how much better I can walk, and how energized I feel after a session. I look forward to continued improvement as I work with Jason.

I really appreciate Jason’s approach to therapy, his knowledge, pleasant nature, work ethic, persistence, and positive, encouraging outlook.
Thank you Jason!

Jamie L.



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