Dr. Leah Wolfman


Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Teacher

Leah Wolfman is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS) who has extensive experience working with clients recovering from orthopedic surgeries, young athletes returning to sports following injuries, and older individuals wanting to maintain an active lifestyle. She works at Activcore in Denver, Colorado, located just one mile from the popular Cherry Creek Shopping District.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. After graduating from PT school, Leah was selected to participate in Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Orthopedic Residency Program. During the residency, she completed over 600 hours of additional course work, training and mentorship, and was awarded for excellence in patient satisfaction. She has advanced training in movement science, manual therapy, and pain management. Additionally, she has certifications in Pilates through Balanced Body and yoga through Corepower Yoga.

Leah believes that improving the way you move has the power to positively impact your health and quality of life. Her passion is to help her clients achieve their functional and fitness goals through individualized treatments, including manual therapy, movement reeducation and exercise. She is committed to consistently pursuing continuing education to provide her clients with the highest quality evidence-based care.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, two young children, and Bernese Mountain dog. Together they love exploring outdoors, traveling, cooking, going to hockey games, snowboarding, ice skating and hiking. Leah loves exercise in the form of Pilates, yoga, strength training, cycling and running.

My Reviews

As an athlete and a person who is highly attuned to small issues in my body, this place is great. Dr. Leah's attention to detail and care for process are fantastic.

Rachel C.

I have received excellent care for the past months in the form of progressive exercises, tailored to my specific needs for back and hip flexibility, from Dr. Leah Wolfman at the Cherry Creek office. I'd recommend her expertise and care to anyone.

Peter R.

I went to see Dr. Leah Wolfman because I was starting to experience pain in my knees. I regularly run, cycle and do Pilates so wanted to get expert help to proactively diagnose the issue before things got worse. Leah did a thorough body assessment and took the time to fully understand what might be contributing to the pain. I left feeling more empowered to take steps to prevent future issues. Since then, she’s helped me feel better, stronger, more informed about my body. Leah is incredibly knowledgeable, cares deeply about her patients and gets you results. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trusted partner for their health and wellness.

Rachel L.

Whether you have a specific issue or just need ongoing maintenance, I strongly recommend Dr. Leah Wolfman. She is great at both diagnosing, and finding stretches and strengthening exercises that will produce measurable results. Don't procrastinate. She has helped me and several others, so I know she really is that good.

Peter F.



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