Breast cancer survivorship means living with, through and beyond breast cancer. This is something more and more individuals are able to do with the help of modern research, technology and medicine. From the time of cancer diagnosis, physical therapy should be an immediate part of your plan of care in order to help maintain strength, flexibility, energy and functional mobility during and after oncology treatment.

Breast cancer rehabilitation is considered a specialized segment of physical therapy. It is intended for anyone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer ("Prehab") or is at any point along a course of medical care including radiation, chemotherapy, alternative treatments, and/or surgical interventions (lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, etc.).

Activcore offers breast cancer rehabilitation services at the Princeton, Denver and Atlanta locations. Our breast cancer specialists are fully equipped to help minimize the effects of oncology treatment. They are also specially trained to gently guide you into more progressive physical activities for a safe return to sports and everyday life.

What happens when the effects of your cancer treatments get in the way of enjoying life?

•  Arm and chest tightness
•  Muscle weakness
•  Neck and back pain
•  Postural changes / scoliosis

•  Post surgical swelling and scarring
•  Axillary Web Syndrome (cording)
•  Radiation fibrosis
•  Lymphedema (swelling of limbs)

While these symptoms are common, they shouldn't become your new normal. If this sounds like you, click here to get help now.


How can Activcore help?

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, you've gone through a course of treatment, or you've been in remission for months, years or decades — our breast cancer specialists can help guide you, every step of the way on your journey to re-develop a smart, balanced body.

Oncology rehabilitation is typically not a big part of a physical therapist's education. It is a specialization requiring much further study, training and practice following graduation. While the department of health and human services now requires that cancer centers provide referral and access to rehabilitation services, many of these are only available in hospitals with appropriately trained personnel.

At Activcore, we offer specialized breast cancer rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis — without having to step inside a hospital. You will have your own dedicated physical therapist (not an aide or technician) for 55 minutes of undivided attention at every visit. You will be treated as a whole person (not just a body part), optimizing how your mind and muscles work together so that you can regain control of your body.

In a private office setting, your physical therapist will perform a comprehensive physical exam and movement screen to help determine the underlying root cause of any pain, weakness, and functional deficits. Together, you and your physical therapist will then develop and commit to a plan of care tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle and goals.

You will feel the Activcore difference from your first visit. This is a highly personalized experience delivered by a passionate movement expert fully dedicated to getting you back to the physical activities that you love. Once your pain has been addressed, you will have the opportunity to continue honing your movement through ongoing performance training at Activcore.

Learn about our 3-step recovery process for optimal movement health & pelvic health.

We Treat

• Axillary web syndrome
• Breast cancer reconstruction
• Breast cancer survivorship
• Chemotoxicity
• Cording
• Double mastectomy
• Expanders
• Lumpectomy

• Lymphatic cording
• Lymphedema
• Mastectomy
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Post surgical swelling
• Radiation fibrosis
• Shoulder pain

"Activcore gave me back my strength, flexibility, and belief that I could move in the ways I wanted to and had before my treatment for Stage II Breast Cancer. Before my diagnosis, being physically active was one of my favorite ways to spend my time. However, after a double mastectomy, I couldn’t reach my arm past shoulder height without pain. I was so weak that lifting my 16 pound dog was a challenge. I was mortified and devastated. With endless patience and a depth of empathy I have rarely encountered, the physical therapist worked with me each step of the way to restore my range of motion, strength, and retrain my body how to move again. She did not want me to just survive cancer, she wanted me to thrive after it. I cannot recommend Activcore more highly whether you’re currently in treatment or still having complications years later."

—‍ customer review