Join Becky Keller, a pelvic trained physical therapist, every Tuesday morning via Zoom for a 60-minute "Ignite Your Core" Pelvic Fitness Class. From the comfort of your own home, you will strengthen your deep core muscles, including the pelvic floor, as you are guided through specialized exercises that improve bladder control, pelvic support, strength, posture and balance

PRICE: $20 per class or $80 for a pack of 5 classes ($20 discount)

TIME: Every Tuesday at 10:00am EST

GET STARTED: Call us at 609.683.1010


"I'm currently undergoing pelvic therapy with Becky Keller, PT, MSPT, PRPC, LPF-CT, who has tremendously helped me with my medical issues. Becky's approach is holistic and she treats the body as a whole in resolving the specific problem using a variety of modalities from diaphragmatic breathing, myofascial release, hypopressives and Redcord exercises which all contribute to a wholesome state of pain free well being. I highly recommend Becky Keller, besides her expertise and dedication, she diligently and patiently works to correct not only my pelvic and back issues but the body as a whole."
- Dr. Ana Marie Castillo, M.D.

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