Blake Dalton



Performance Specialist

  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Method Alliance, Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Certified Redcord Active Specialist
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Blake Dalton is an experienced performance specialist, Pilates Instructor, and personal trainer who delights in the study of movement and how he can use his practice to improve the lives of others. He works at Activcore in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University.

Blake started his journey into movement climbing trees, running trails and stomping in creeks. His love of movement brought him to the study of martial arts and modern dance. It was here Blake discovered his second love the love of teaching and sharing. He draws upon these origins to help make good hard work more accessible and fun for everyone. Pilates, Redcord, and kettlebell training created new pathways to grow further and build bridges to help others find the joy and strength living in their bodies.

Blake is honored and invigorated to be a part of the Activcore team, turning the hopeful into the possible and triumphant. He is thrilled to be surrounded by high caliber individuals searching deeper into the integration of the mind and body.


  • University of Georgia, Bachelor of Arts
  • Pilates Method Alliance, Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Redcord Norway, Certified Redcord Active Specialist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer

Standing on Two Feet: Balance Training Progression Exercises

In last week’s blog post about Balance from the Ground Up, we provided a simple exercise for opening up and providing proprioceptive input to the feet. This week, I am building on that foundation with a series of deceptively simple exercises that you can do to improve your proprioception while developing foot, ankle and calf strength.


Don’t Just Look Strong. Be Strong Functionally.

The kettlebell is a physical training tool that has given rise to a great selection of very functional strength training exercises. The shape of the kettlebell is a ball with a handle, which makes it functionally similar to objects that we carry in everyday life, such as luggage and grocery bags.


Tackling A Spartan Race At Age 50: Rising to the Occasion

It was a crisp, cold January day. My boys, Finn (6) and Liam (3), pretended to be dragons breathing smoke on our walk to school. I loaded my thermos full of espresso to go work at Activcore where I teach Redcord, Pilates, and Kettlebells.


Tackling A Spartan Race At Age 50: Creating Space for Race Training

I made the verbal commitment to join my friends for a Spartan race. I did not immediately purchase my ticket or start training with my team. Instead, I started testing the waters. My work and family schedule were pretty full, making a traditional training schedule feel out of reach.


Tackling a Spartan Race at Age 50: Don’t Just Guess... Assess!

Because I’m a Performance Specialist at Activcore, I have a good sense of my own physical condition. Nonetheless, I knew that getting an outside, objective perspective from other professions would help me optimize my Spartan training plan.


Tackling a Spartan Race at Age 50: Increasing Intensity and Nutritional Support

Once I committed to the Spartan race, figured out how to make space for training in my busy schedule, and then got my body (and how it moves) tested by the experts... I decided to up the intensity of my training a few notches!


Tackling a Spartan Race at Age 50: Overcoming Some Hurdles

A key feature of Spartan races is hurdling. Not like track hurdles, but having to jump or scramble all manner of objects and obstacles in an often muddy environment. As I worked through my training plan to get myself ready to tackle the literal hurdles in the race, I encountered some figurative ones too.


Tackling a Spartan Race at Age 50: The Race is On!

The day is finally here and we are excited! The weather looks to be in our favor: slightly cloudy and not too hot, even a bit of a breeze. I am caffeinated, hydrated and ready to go. My mission is to have fun, support my team, and survive intact!


My Reviews

There was a day, not very long ago, when hubs was actually frightened by the way his spine was betraying him. Everything hurt. He was counting down until the next pain injection, pedaling his life away on a recumbent bike, hanging upside down, breathing exercises, you name it. Then Blake. Of all the people in the world, I can't believe I found the perfect one to unravel the complexities of my husband's pain and FIX it. He asked all the questions, read the doctor notes, started at the right place, made Pilates manly, and importantly, brought hubs along heart & mind & body to the mat week after week with laughter and light until my man's core became strong enough to live again. There is a lump in my throat as I write this reflecting on the gift Blake gave. He took my husband THROUGH IT, to a life that is once again precious and productive and dare I say it: pain-free! We have wasted the time and money on ineffective modalities, which breaks my heart. There is no way around it: low back pain requires you to strengthen your core. And strengthening your core when your back hurts is tricky. Choose your PT or performance coach wisely, and by that I mean go to Activcore.

Gabrielle A.

I have been a client at Activcore for nearly 3 years. I have been training with Blake throughout that time - RedCord, Kettlebells, Pilates - and overall Performance Fitness - both 1:1 and group classes. Since working with Blake, I've seen a serious transformation in my energy and my fitness - at an age and stage that I thought meant my best years were behind me. Blake is very tuned in to my technique, my abilities and mood on any given day, and how to scaffold both an individual workout and a fitness regime over months and years. His workouts for every client (myself, my husband and now my mom included) are challenging, unique, creative, consistently varied and fun!

Dena K.

I have been training at Activcore for years and it's amazing. I started out with Pilates, but was quickly enticed by the integration of Pilates with Kettlebells and Redcord. I also take advantage of their in-house physical therapy. All of the instructors are incredible, but I personally work with Blake who is absolutely phenomenal. He is more than an instructor. Blake is a sage of sorts who has incredible expertise and intuition, and his passion for what he does is infectious. I highly recommend Activcore!

Celine S.

I’ve been working out with Blake at Activcore for 3 years. He’s helped me weather lower back issues, rotator cuff injuries, a sprained wrist, and intercostal damage. Here’s what’s exciting— I keep moving and getting stronger and more flexible despite minor setbacks. Blake accommodates the workout to whatever is going on with my body. And when I’m 100%— he pushes me forward in the nicest possible way. I also use Elizabeth as my physical therapist with excellent results. She coordinates with the trainers so I get back on track ASAP. And I’ve been working with Deanna for nearly 4 years. We have had so much fun. She’s a practically perfect human being. We work on Pilates, aerobic conditioning and balance. I’m 65 and these targeted workouts have made a huge difference in my health and activities of daily living. They make it easy to keep up the swimming and hiking that I like to do. Highly recommended.

Cornell D.

Blake is amazing. He is clear and inspiring and I feel good during our workouts. Afterwards, I feel stronger and eager to do more! He's a great teacher who leads us in well designed sessions. Thank you, Blake!

Veta G.

A small group of friends and I did our first group fitness class with Blake Dalton. It was great! He is easygoing but exacting as a teacher, urging us to find nuances in our muscles that we didn't even know we had. He's also patient and kind. And it's super fun to exercise with friends. Looking forward to the full six weeks of the class!

Valerie B.

I was impressed by Blake’s knowledge, and learned some new exercises. Great job!

Geoff D.

Blake provided a tailored class that met my needs and great instruction for the exercises. Everything was just right. I can feel good changes in my body. I would recommend this to my friends. I especially appreciate Blake’s willingness to teach online, because I would not have attended in person during social distancing. Also, Blake provided good recommendations for alternatives for the weights and therabands, if you didn’t have them.

Miriam P.

I find my trainer Blake to be attentive and thorough in my workout. He balances my time so that I am challenged but never over challenged. I thought working with Zoom would be awkward, but I found it just as helpful as a live class.

Diana B.

I mean Blake Is A SUPERSTAR trainer and amazing motivator!

Nikhil S.

Blake is my trainer, thorough, quick to explain an exercise or correct, great personality. I always feeler better and stronger after my workout. I am continuously surprised at how much a virtual trainer can help.

Diana B.

During a pandemic, we are grateful to be staying in shape and feeling safe. Exercise is still fun with our instructor, Blake Dalton.

Jeanne D.



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