Tyler Joyce


Co-Founder | Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist (PT)
  • Certified Neurac Practitioner (CNP)
  • Redcord Active Specialist (RAS)
  • Certified Neurac Course Instructor
  • Certified Redcord Active Course Instructor
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment certified (SFMA)
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf rehab certified

Tyler Joyce is a 20+ year experienced physical therapist who specializes in helping competitive baseball players and weekend athletes overcome chronic pain and injury through application of the Redcord suspension system. He works at Activcore in Princeton, New Jersey, located just 2 miles from Princeton University.

Growing up as a baseball pitcher, basketball player and all-around athlete, Tyler has a special interest in working with athletic populations. Dealing with his own career-ending injuries and eventually becoming a physical therapist, he knows what it takes for athletes to recover from injury and return safely to their sport.

Tyler was most influenced by his father, a former professional baseball pitcher with the Kansas City A’s. Tyler followed in his dad's footsteps as a pitcher in high school. Whenever he struggled on the mound, his father would provide a calming presence to help him overcome any doubts and fears. This gave him the courage to be exceptional throughout his career as both an athlete and physical therapist.

Tyler holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Fitness Management from the University of Delaware, and a physical therapy degree from the Netherlands. He is recognized nationally as a leading authority in suspension based physical therapy and performance. Over the past decade, Tyler has taught this method to hundreds of physical therapists and athletic trainers around the country, including the U.S. Olympic Committee, MLB teams, NHL teams, Princeton University athletics, and the University of Michigan athletics. He works with each team to develop a comprehensive program of physical rehabilitation and injury prevention using the Redcord suspension system.‍

Tyler’s motivation will never stop until suspension based PT and performance transforms the field of physical therapy. With each successful treatment, he is reminded of why he joined the profession in the first place: to serve others. And, just like his dad, whenever a client or teammate is struggling with something, Tyler shows up in a powerful way to support them for an exceptional outcome.

My Reviews

I have been to numerous PT facilities in and around the Princeton area and Activcore is the only one that I recommend. Tyler Joyce has done wonders for my knee, and Dr. Adrienne Jensen has been wonderful with "dry needling". The facility is bright and clean, and everyone is welcoming and personable. But most importantly, it works. Thank you!

Chaz F.

Tyler Joyce is a professional, experienced and skilled physical therapist! He delivers exceptional care and results!!

Dr. Joseph Taccetta

Tyler Joyce and everyone at Activcore are truly the best. The facility is clean and modern and they always keep up with the latest and greatest classes and activities. I have successfully gotten ready for and recovered from two total knee replacements here and I couldn't have done it without each of them. They regularly talk me off the ledge and keep me focused and intent on the goal at hand. Thank you Activcore!

Jane H.

Activcore helped me when no one else could. I had chronic lower back pain for over a year and Tyler Joyce was able to fix it. I am very grateful to be active and pain free again!

Patrick B.

I’ve had a lot of problems with my back from arthritis and stenosis, with neurological pain radiating down my right leg. I was in a lot of pain. I had to use a walker and I was bent over and tilted to the side. After seeing Tyler Joyce at Activcore, the healing began immediately with much less pain. Within 3 weeks I walked without a walker. In 3 months, I could stand and walk with a straight upright posture. Later on, I no longer needed Tylenol. My very wise and good back doctor said I should be immobilized because my back MRI showed such severe degradation of arthritis and narrowing of the spine. But I say, it is a miracle. Tyler’s skillful application of the Redcord suspension therapy gave me back my life. Most of all, I appreciate Tyler's dedication to my health and the gentle spirit with which he carries out his treatment.

Louise M.

I recently started with Tyler Joyce at Activcore PT & Performance. I now know why Activcore + Tyler were recommended to me. Tyler did a thorough assessment of my history AND listened to what is on my mind as to what I'd like to achieve. I've had 3 sessions with Tyler using Redcord therapy and I'm looking forward to continuing as I already feel and see results.

Paula A.

Before coming to Activcore, I had physical therapy by others that did not match the quality of your professional service. Tyler Joyce provides full one-on-one attention during each hour. The treatments are focused and intense. I always feel that he's listening to me and adjusting my care accordingly. The sessions are fun and I looked forward to them. Sometimes we even exchange a good recipe or restaurant recommendation.


I came to Tyler unhopeful because I had already tried many things to alleviate my back pain and I historically have not had many positive results with PTs. However, after my first session, I already felt some of my mobility return without the pain that usually came along with it. Tyler recommended returning the next day to further speed up the healing process. To be frank, I was a bit suspicious as I didn't think two days in a row could make any significant changes. But I was very wrong. After the second session, I immediately felt better and to my surprise that feeling lasted. Over these few months, Tyler has helped me rehab my back to the point where now it feels almost 100% better. This recovery path hasn't been easy, as I've had a few flare-ups that completely reverted my progress, but Tyler helped me quickly fix it and get back on track. This rehab process has been much quicker than I imagined before I came to Activcore.

Atticus W.

Excellent experience. Well organized. Great space. Worked with Tyler for a low back problem. He is knowledgeable and a good communicator. Specific exercises to address and help resolve my problem. Provided specific exercises to do on a regular ongoing basis. Highly recommend Activcore.

Tom H.

Our entire family at one time or another has gone to Tyler Joyce. We totally trust him. He is very good at identifying the problem and providing exercises to strengthen your body to avoid injury or pain. The Redcord system is very effective. We love that we get homework so we can space our visits conveniently.

Yamile S.

I'm extremely appreciative of my care at Activcore Princeton. Tyler Joyce is a highly skilled and empathetic physical therapist, his calming nature is perfect for me. Tyler's thoughtful approach to create a program to regain strength and balance with the Redcord system has allowed me to do exercises I could not otherwise have done. My journey is still in progress, but I'm looking forward to continued improvement with a positive outcome. Thank you, Tyler, and to the entire team at Activcore.

Elaine R.

Activcore is the next level when it comes to PT. I've gone to traditional PT for neck and back pain and it actually made it worse. Tyler Joyce and his staff have a deep understanding of neuromuscular reactivation. This is a fancy way of saying that when you are injured there are deep muscles that shut down as a protective mechanism. This over time causes other muscles to overcompensate, leading to further pain and potential problems. Activcore helps get to the root of the problem and allows the healing process to begin. Having experienced it first hand, I believe this form of PT will revolutionize the industry.


Tyler and the Activcore team have helped me immensely over the last couple of years, both rehabbing me after back surgery and working on my rotator cuff injury. Great people and great, innovative therapy (wait till they “string you up” in the Redcord!). Highly recommended!

John S.

There are physical therapy groups, and then there’s Activcore. There’s going for your prescribed 12 conventional PT sessions with questionable results at best, and then there’s a revolutionary new Redcord technique used in conjunction with other methods crafted specifically to your physical needs. Whether you’re a couch potato, a recreational fitness freak or a professional athlete, the therapists at Activcore evaluate the way you walk, sit, run, get down on the floor, lift objects, your every move and work on getting you to optimize how your body operates. But all that said, all due credit goes to Tyler and Activcore for being innovative enough to pull all of these parts together to design a therapeutic program that really works. It’s so much more than your 12 weeks of PT then good luck. They’re invested in you. It’s a real plan that gets real results and addresses every facet that impacts your performance and functioning. It’s definitely worth the visit.

David R.

Rehabbing my lower back at Activcore was a physical therapy like no other. Tyler spent the entire hour working with me, helping me perform exercises that isolated the muscles that needed strengthening so my back could heal. I will always be grateful for taking the advice of a friend and making that first phone call to book an appointment at Activcore.

Pam D.

The PT was done in a very professional and competent manner and I appreciated that Tyler never started a single minute late and worked hard to ensure I did all the exercises correctly. The place is very friendly and the young ladies who great you upon entering are so unbelievably welcoming and likable that one can't help but starting off in a happy upbeat mood even if your back (or whatever) is killing you. Finally, the red cord therapy is, in my opinion, a very good way to do PT. I recommend both it and Activcore.

Steve S.

I saw Tyler Joyce for seven weeks after being diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis (swelling of the hip bursa ). As an athlete and active person, I was grouchy about my pain and disability. With attentiveness, skill, and encouragement, Tyler got me back to exercising without pain. As needed (especially at the start of the process), he reminded me that I would eventually feel better. He slowly, with red cord, rehabilitated my hip and eventually, when I was strong enough, showed me exercises to keep my hips strong and uninjured. He was kind, good natured, friendly without going overboard, and, best of all, focused on my condition each time I came to an appointment. I am very grateful to Tyler that I'm back to my weekly exercise routine.

Kathy F.

I was very fortunate to have Tyler Joyce as my physical therapist. He did an outstanding job helping me with my severe pain in my leg and spine. When I started therapy I could barely walk up a single step. After my treatment from Tyler, the pain has disappeared. In addition, the atmosphere at Activcore was wonderful, especially given the difficulties during the pandemic. They took every precaution to ensure the health and safety of all clients. The entire staff was friendly and helpful, and did everything they could to make this a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Tyler Joyce and Activcore.

Natalie M.

I have been seeing Tyler at Activcore for Sciatica for a few months. His expertise and knowledge of using the Redcord System has complete eliminated all my pain...I could hardly walk or get in and out of my car when I first went to Tyler. Now I can hike for days!! Activcore has a very friendly and professional staff, they run on time and keep the place impeccable clean. I highly recommend them for your PT needs.

Judy B.

I could not speak more highly of Activcore! The facility is pristine and well equipped. I have had only the nicest of interactions with all staff members-- the front desk staff are always so welcoming and highly organized in their administrative support. During one session, I had a particularly difficult day (unrelated to PT) and the front desk staff surprised me with a free Activcore t-shirt to cheer me up! Unbelievably kind, and made me feel so supported! Particular shout-out to Tyler Joyce. He is best PT I have ever worked with. Tyler is ridiculously knowledgable about anatomy and musculoskeletal connections, thorough in his care, and also just all around such a lovely person to spend time with. I never thought I would 'look forward' to PT sessions, but Tyler makes them fun, productive, and totally enjoyable! I've had a lot of success with Activcore, both in pain reduction and in plans for preventative long-term care. If you want physical therapy that is holistic, thorough, and truly successful, Activcore is the place to go. 10/10 rating. Thank you thank you thank you, Activcore!

Carolyn K.

When recovering from an injury, surgery, or age related incident, everyone has or should have goals. That’s what makes the difference between just existing and actually living in life. There is an energy behind striving for something with the anticipation and hard work towards achieving that goal. At Activcore Physical Therapy, you can actually feel that energy, a special healing energy, surround you. That energy helps push you to do better and be better. Whether it be gaining more strength, having the ability to move easier, or abolishing pain, the main objective of the physical therapists at Activcore is to help you achieve your goals. Their encouragement, knowledge, and total attention during each session leaves you feeling empowered to do more and more. The Redcord equipment that they use is powerful with its results. I personally have my list of goals that I am determined to achieve. When I first met with Tyler Joyce at Activcore, I brought with me several challenging and unusual issues as a result of several surgeries. He has been very committed and determined to resolve them all. When other places had given up, Tyler has stayed with me every step of the way on my journey to recovery. I am so grateful for his dedication, knowledge, skills and compassion. I’ve come a long way since I first walked through those doors at Activcore and I am looking forward to doing even more. With the utmost anticipation and excitement, my journey continues. Thank you Tyler, for all you’ve done and continue to do to help me achieve my goals and improve the quality of my life.

Ellen L.

I started with Tyler Joyce and was astonished at how quickly my foot pain itself started to subside. He then started to tackle my pronating ankles and my scoliosis. During my evaluation, Tyler asked me what I notice about my body as a result of my scoliosis, since most of the time I don't experience outward pain. I explained to him that often my back won't rest flat against the back of a chair- that one shoulder blade was always protruding more than another. We spent the next few years working on this and all of the other mishaps along the way- twisting my back from lifting heavy equipment at school, misalignment of my hips from sitting in a non-supportive chair, etc. Apart from being an incredible diagnostician, Tyler truly became family. I always looked forward to my therapy sessions because I knew we were going to do a whole lot of talking and even more laughing! I recommend Activcore to anyone who is struggling with an injury or scoliosis (no matter what your age!) or anyone who is in pain and ready to try something that actually works! I have never experienced anything like the Redcord Method and I will never try anythinge else. This office is full of knowledgeable healthcare professionals who are so passionate about helping their patients. You can't go wrong!

Stephanie H.

Tyler at Activcore Therapy & Performance has made a profound impact on my recovery and significant improvement with my neuromuscular injuries. (After each session, I am convinced he is doing some mystery magic because he makes the pain disappear! TRUTH!) I'm a competitive cyclist and had hamstring reattachment surgery last year after tearing my hamstring tendon. Because of sciatic nerve damage from the surgery, recovery has been extra challenging.Traditional PT just stopped helping after a certain point. I was limping, in chronic pain, had a marked strength imbalance, atrophy and dysfunctional motor skills. My injured leg was instinctively offloading as much as possible causing other muscles to compensate, perpetuating the imbalance. Working with Tyler has "retrained my brain" to engage the muscles that instinctively shut down or offload. It's pretty amazing to feel muscles turn on like a light switch and start working when they've been hibernating for a year. And the pain is nearly gone. After 2 months, I no longer limp, have improved motor function, am balancing and building leg strength and am back on my bike. I couldn't be more thrilled and enthusiastically recommend Activcore if you suffer from ANY imbalance or pain.

Sue W.

I had been trying to work my way through injury and pain for a couple of years when I came upon Activcore and the Redcord suspension therapy they center their practice on.  As I am sure many can relate I was stuck being bounced around from surgeons to specialists to physical therapists without relief and worsening of symptoms.  This had been going on for about two years when I started treatment with Tyler.  My very first visit, I could feel some relief.  I won't lie; I cried a little bit on my way home knowing that I had found something that was going to work for me. Tyler's approach was much like that of an engineer.  His approach to correcting dysfunction is methodical, and he has a well placed confidence in his capabilities that offers a level of trust and comfort in your treatment.  After not being able to sleep on my side for two years, I began to be able to half way through my treatment.  I also came in not being able to or having enough confidence to practice yoga, which I had previously practiced several times per week.  I am now not only able to do yoga, but acroyoga as well.

Stacy H.



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