Gyro What? Understanding the Gyrotonic Expansion System®

Written by:
Jessica Gowen
November 24, 2021

When Activcore and CORE merged earlier this year in Atlanta, we introduced a new movement method to our suite of services: the Gyrotonic Expansion System®. This system has two parts: 1) Gyrotonic® exercise which is performed on specialized equipment, and 2) Gyrokinesis® work which is performed on a chair and/or mat.

If you’ve been at Activcore lately, you might have seen the equipment in our back room. The Gyrotonic® equipment uses a system of weights and pulleys to simultaneously offload body weight, similar to the Redcord suspension system. It also provides resistance and input to the body to help organize our movement patterns, similar to the Pilates apparatus. The result? At the end of a Gyrotonic® session, you feel like you’ve had both a workout and a massage.

The method heavily emphasizes breath work and subtly stimulates the energetic and nervous systems. Like Redcord and Pilates, Gyrotonic® exercise has many benefits like improving strength, balance, coordination, mobility and core stability. 

While the results are similar, Redcord, Pilates and Gyrotonic® all use very different movement patterns and sequencing to achieve those results, making Gyrotonic® movement a better fit for some clients. While Gyrotonic® is a hugely popular method of cross training with professional dancers, it is accessible for clients who are managing significant inflexibility, those who suffer from neck pain and people with scoliosis. 

Many of our long-term Pilates clients have found Gyrotonic® exercise a logical next step in their movement training. Because the system integrates rotation and a focus on spinal and hip mobility, golfers and other rotational athletes (swimmers, baseball and tennis players, etc.) also gravitate to this work. 

If you’re curious about how this system can benefit you, consider booking a private session with one of our teachers. We also offer virtual Gyrokinesis® classes every week. These classes will leave you feeling open, refreshed and focused for your day. Remember, recordings are available for our classes too, so if you can’t make the class time, you can still join us.

Check out our Gyrotonic® page to learn more.

Disclaimer:  The views expressed in this article are based on the opinion of the author, unless otherwise noted, and should not be taken as personal medical advice. The information provided is intended to help readers make their own informed health and wellness decisions.

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Jessica Gowen

VP Performance Development | Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor | Teacher Trainer
Jessica Gowen leads the performance side of Activcore as Vice President of Performance Development. She works at the Activcore studio in Atlanta, Georgia, located just 2 miles from Emory University. A passionate entrepreneur, Jessica joined Activcore to further develop professionally as an industry leader in the Atlanta area, and to grow her online performance offerings on a national scale. 
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