Physical Therapy & Performance

Activcore is made up of physical therapists and Pilates instructors who are specially trained, fully equipped, and totally committed to bringing out the very best in you. They work together as an integrated team with a common mission to transform how you feel, move and perform. While they all have general orthopedic experience, each provider specializes in a particular area of study (e.g., pelvic health, TMJ disorders, men's health, scoliosis, etc.) so that you get the best care possible for your particular needs, lifestyle and goals.

My Reviews

There's physical therapy, and then there's Activcore. There’s going for your prescribed 12 conventional PT sessions with questionable results at best, and then there’s the revolutionary new Redcord technique used in conjunction with other methods crafted specifically for your physical needs. Activcore offers so much more. They’re invested in you. It’s a real plan that gets real results and addresses every facet that impacts your performance and function. It’s definitely worth the visit!

There's a reason this place has so many 5-star reviews. It's a different kind of care. The therapists are actively engaged each visit. They don't just address your symptoms, they address the issue causing them. After one session I knew it was the best option. Give it a try!

You can actually feel a special healing energy surround you at Activcore. That energy helps push you to do better and be better. Whether it be gaining more strength, having the ability to move easier, or abolishing pain, the main objective of the physical therapists at Activcore is to help you achieve your goals. Their encouragement, knowledge, and total attention during each session leaves you feeling empowered to do more and more.

I am a very active person. I snowboard, lift weights, do yoga, dance, paddle board... you name it. So when I woke up the next day after snowboarding and couldn't bear any weight on my right knee, I was so worried. I immediately booked an appointment at Activcore, and they got right to work assessing my pain and creating a plan to get me back on the mountain as quickly and safely as possible. The Redcord system at Activcore is truly amazing, and their ability to talk me through the process and provide exercises that I could do on my own got me back on my snowboard in six weeks. I've never been more thankful to be healthy and active again. The price of this service is SO worth it, I'll be sending everyone I know to see them should they ever need it.

Activcore helped me to solve a problem caused by a concussion when I felt there was no hope in sight. She restored my balance, helped me regain strength, and instilled confidence in my ability to recover. Each time I meet with her, she recalls the details of our last visit, listens to my concerns with sincere interest, and encourages me to text her after our sessions. My physical therapist's sense of humor is infectious and is as much a part of the healing process as the actual therapy. I highly recommend Activcore. They have been a game-changer on my road to recovery.



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